The Youmex Finance group is made out of a group of finance specialists covering a broad range of financial services. The group has been operating for more than 10 years as finance platform. GFI MailEssentials helps us filter 99% of incoming spam email and malicious code and emails. Some of the mails are filtered directly on the SMTP gateway so the malicious code never reaches the mail server. If the scanning results are not successful the mail is dropped into the Quarantine area. From there we can decide if it's spam, malicious mail or not.

The system scans with a lot of different anti spam systems. This helps to reduce false alarms. The architecture of MailEssentials was very compelling. Malicious mails will be directly filtered on the gateway and never reach the mail server. The anti spam technology was great and the integrated possibilities are enormous. Any system administrator can customize the rules. The web-based management has a good interface to work with. The implementation into a complex existing environment is fast and we don't have to plan any downtime from the mail server. A lot of scanning rules are predefined. After installation the mail environment is automatically safe.

The next step is the learning phase. GFI MailEssentials runs automatically. If users have problems for example with long mail subject, it is very easy to change the rules. We spent a lot of time finding the ideal configuration but once done no further changes were needed. Compliance is an issue. With a direct SMTP scanning and integrated monitor, we can see all incoming and outgoing mail traffic. Some of the filter modules scan directly the SMTP traffic. Another filter module scans the mail and mail content after the SMTP scanner. This method helps reduce the workload on GFI MailEssentials. All the rules can be fine tuned to find the best configuration. If we have a suspicious mail, it will be automatically moved to the Quarantine area.

We can decide what we want to do with it. Required mails can be approved and the sender can be included in the whitelist. If a Youmex employee sends a mail, the receiver mail addresses is whitelisted. This reduce administration significantly and reduces total cost of ownership.

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