11 reasons to use GFI MailEssentials to secure your email

Up to three anti-virus engines for superior protection

GFI MailEssentials ships with the powerful Avira and BitDefender Antivirus engines. This advanced technology stack provides strong email protection with minimal impact on system performance. You can also add the Sophos antivirus engine for ultimate protection. Antivirus engine vendors have different response times to new viruses and malware. This capability ensures your system can always detect new threats in the shortest possible time.

Advanced malware security

GFI MailEssentials delivers advanced malware protection with scanning engines that connect to a cloud service whenever they find unknown, executable attachments. These attachments are thoroughly scanned with the intelligent Kaspersky cloud engine to determine if the attachment is malicious or not.

Multiple anti-spam filters for superior protection

GFI MailEssentials features a variety of anti-spam technologies including:

  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework) authentication to block spoofed emails
  • Greylisting to block emails sent with non-compliant Request for Comments (RFC) techniques used by spammers
  • Directory harvest protection to block emails sent using random and exhaustive email address-generation techniques
  • DNS blocklists that use information gathered from distributed community data collection techniques to fend off botnet spamming
  • Bayesian filtering that uses a mathematical approach based on spam and ham (legitimate email)
  • A “Language Detection” plug-in, that detects and blocks spam in specific languages 

Combining these technologies yields a >99% spam detection rate.

Emails made safe and productive – simply

GFI MailEssentials is compatible with more than just the Exchange email server. It fits seamlessly into your current setup – whether on-premises, virtual or hosted in your cloud infrastructure. While IT admins are in full control of their email security, control can also be extended to users. Provide reports and ongoing access to quarantined emails to enable users to release what they want to receive. They can also customize their own block and allowlists.

Greater visibility and integrated reporting with a web console

GFI MailEssentials lets you handle all your email security functions (including reporting and quarantining of spam and malware) from a single web-based console. Its integrated reporting function enables you to quickly customize and generate reports on emails sent and received by your business. The console’s dashboard gives you a graphic view in real time of the software status, as well as the email flow on the server.

Superior quarantine management

GFI MailEssentials lets you choose what to do with spam and malware emails. Users can mark emails as spam, or you can quarantine suspected spam and notify users. You can also establish central quarantine locations for malware. Another option is to have GFI MailEssentials quarantine spam and send a regular digest to end users. End users can manually release emails from quarantine. There’s also an automatic allowlist function that can be added to outgoing email recipients to greatly reduce false positives.

Email content enforcement

GFI MailEssentials performs keyword checking by scanning inbound and outbound emails for keywords. Its attachment checking function scans emails for attachments. You can choose to block all incoming emails with potentially malicious attachment types or block certain file types such as mp3 and Mpeg files. Advanced user-based email filtering rules enable you to block emails based on patterns that you define, such as regular expressions. 

Email exploits and Trojan executables prevention

The GFI MailEssentials Trojan and executable scanner detects unknown and potentially malicious executables. The scanner uses built-in intelligence to rate the risk level by disassembling the executable. It then detects what it might do and compares its actions to a database of malicious actions. The scanner quarantines any executables that perform suspicious actions, like making network connections or accessing the address book.

Phishing and spyware protection

GFI MailEssentials detects and blocks phishing email threats by comparing the content of the spam with a constantly updated database and phishing URLs. It also checks for typical phishing keywords in every email sent to your business. GFI MailEssentials detects email-borne spyware using its antivirus engine that has access to an extensive database of known spyware, Trojans and adware.

Centralized management

When you install GFI MailEssentials on multiple servers, it synchronizes the configuration across all the servers. Important settings from your GFI MailEssentials servers are coordinated across all the network, making it easier to maintain email security. It logs all mail flow activity to a central reporting database so that you can consolidate email flow reports and easily detect any mail flow issues. These unified settings are highly customizable, giving you total deployment flexibility.

Even more email management tools

The GFI MailEssentials list server offers an easy way to implement an opt-in email discussion list with automated subscribe and unsubscribe links. Other useful features include:

  • Add add company-wide disclaimers to the top or bottom of an email
  • Implement an opt-in email discussion list with automated subscribe and unsubscribe links
  • Keep the central store of email communications by configuring it to be copied to an email address
  • Use the POP2Exchange to access external POP3 email accounts without the need for a dedicated email server