GFI AppManager is a Game Changer

Actually, it redefines the game.

GFI AppManager is a modern, extensible cloud platform that enables remote management and monitoring of all GFI products from a single, web-based interface. It's also fully extensible to include non-GFI products through its open API. And not only all products -- for managed services providers, a dashboard view of all your accounts too. 

It's truly Onederful.

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Extensible Cloud Service




Central Management


Multi Tenancy







Manage all your applications and customer accounts from one unified dashboard.


Fleet Management

Instantly push configurations to any and all appliances under management.


Monitoring & Alerting

Receive notifications about failures or impending failures.


Risk and Anomaly Detection, Alerts, and Response (RADARTM)

Proactive monitoring of vulnerabilities and threats across your users, network, and applications.


Audit & Compliance

Reporting and gap analysis for GDPR, NIS2, and ISO27001 compliance.

The unveiling of GFI AppManager represents a major milestone in our commitment to providing our partners with cutting-edge technology and the ability to impact our partners and their end users' success in managing their critical IT systems. AppManager represents a truly innovative, end-to-end unified and extensible platform that organizations can rely on to streamline their IT operations, proactively address security risks, and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Eric Vaughan // CEO