Im Erik Moreau, technical supervisor at Aurelium NV. Aurelium NV is a small business company we exist of about 50 people. We support small business and midsize businesses in their daily IT jobs.

I got rolled into IT quite a while ago, about twenty-five years ago started with small home computers and playing games of course but then I started working with Microsoft Windows, GFI Products MailEssentials, a lot of companies that really bring software to what what we need. At a point seven years ago we were looking for a good solution to get our spam problem under control. At some point we got an email that promoted the GFI Software so we added that to the list of software we were testing and it turned out that GFI was actually the best for us because we could fine tune the software, we could really adjust them to the need of a customer.

A lot of customers are in different branches need different settings because of their their communication ways. Some people do need to get email about medicine and some people need mailbox, legal and we really need our customers to get what they need and not the spam of course. Working with the MailEssentials product really is easy for our users, talking about technicians in this case but also for the end-users. It's very clear, very short learning curve. MailEssentials really enables us to configure the anti-spam like the user wants it. Some customers like junk mail folder, others like a quarantine situation and I others want the real quarantine managed by the admin and this is all very easy to change and set up like the customer wants or needs. It's a real value to have MailEssentials for our customers and for us because once it's configured, it’s really quite hassle free and easy to update, easy to maintain, this gives us a lot of time gain because we don't have to do a lot of work on it.

One of the great things about MailEssentials for us and our customers is the way we can actually traceback why a mail didn't get received or didn't get sent out with very very clear logging because thats, for instance in the legal business it's very important that people can actually tell why the mail didn’t get there. Not all software allows you to really get a good look on that, MailEssentials really does that.

From a technical standpoint GFI MailEssentials has very low impact on the server, depending of course on the load of the mail but if we compare it to other products there's a much less impact to the server. Some of our customers really need the compliance that MailEssentials actually can give us because of good logging because of good certifications and a clear insights into what the program does and where mail went or didn't go. At one point, one of our customers really had a problem that, as a Belgian company also work English Dutch and French. They had a problem with their previous anti-spam that for instance 'femme', the French word for a woman was always triggered as a spam mail. GFI MailEssentials enables easy filtering to enable that easy language settings to add French or Dutch to the system that it doesn't start triggering false positives.

Using GFI MailEssentials really changed the end user's approaches to spam and also our approach to spam. At some point while I was explaining to our customer the system with the quarantine mails, one of my colleagues said, 'I've never had a quarantine mail'. I was like something wrong it was, no it wasn't he just got his mail filtered perfectly. That was a great to happen that also happens to our customers.

Working with GFI has been a great experience for us because when we need something more or we think needs to be added to the product we can just ask them and through the years they've added things we asked. During our initial testing, something that really jumped into site was that the MailEssentials product, but also the people behind it, the support we got was at that level much higher than all the other products.

It's just fun to work with them.

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