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Web Based Client

01 - Web Based Client

GFI FaxMaker offers a built-in web client interface. This allows users to fax through a simple, easy-to-learn web interface, and IT admins do not need to deploy a client to each machine/user that requires faxing via client.

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Integration with GFI Archiver

02 - Integration with GFI Archiver

IT admins with regulation and compliance requirements to maintain an archive of fax communications can rest easy. GFI FaxMaker integrates with our award-winning GFI Archiver.

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Email-to-fax, fax-to-email

03  Emailtofax faxtoemail

Send and receive faxes directly in email. GFI FaxMaker supports Microsoft Exchange Office 365™, Google Docs™, Lotus and just about any other SMTP email server used today.

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Virtualize your fax server

04 -Virtualize your fax server

Save physical space, get more from your existing hardware, and help protect the environment when using GFI FaxMaker with Fax over IP or hybrid faxing.

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Fax over IP (FoIP), analog and digital faxing

05  Fax over IP FoIP analog and digital faxing

GFI FaxMaker supports faxing over IP using XCAPI and SR140, and also supports analog and digital fax boards from Dialogic.

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Hybrid faxing

06 - Hybrid faxing

Combine GFI FaxMaker's powerful security and feature set with the simplicity of cloud-based faxing. No phone lines, modems or fax boards are required.

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Security and scalability

07 - Security and scalability

GFI FaxMaker supports more than 100 lines per fax server, unlimited users and multiple fax servers for high availability, redundancy and disaster recovery.

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Automated fax routing

08 - Automated fax routing

Inbound faxes are automatically routed directly to the intended recipient. Faxes can also be delivered to specific folders or printers.

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Fax printer drivers for secure faxing

09 - Fax printer drivers for secure faxing

GFI FaxMaker comes standard with a network printer driver and the GFI FaxMaker client for secure sending of faxes. If your application can print it, you can fax it.

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Supports low-cost operating systems

10 - Supports low-cost operating systems

GFI FaxMaker can be installed on lower-cost operating systems such as Windows® 7 and 8 as well as the Microsoft® server operating systems.

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SMS (text) messaging

11  SMS text messaging

The explosion of mobile devices has made text messaging a highly efficient and affordable way to reach employees, customers and partners quickly.

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Application and multifunction device integration

12 - Application and multifunction device integration

The GFI FaxMaker Text, XML or Web Services APIs enable you to integrate faxing directly with your production applications. The GFI FaxMaker eCopy ShareScan connector helps you centralize all your faxing from multi-functional devices.

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