etherFAX fax services with GFI FaxMaker

(Available in the US and Canada only)

Fax to and from the cloud

etherFAX is an aggregation of virtual ports that allows you to easily send and receive faxes via the cloud. Providing an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, etherFAX enables you to utilize the GFI FaxMaker server solution to send and receive faxes. This allows you to eliminate the need to provision and maintain costly telecommunications connections or purchase expensive fax boards, modems and related services.

By leveraging the cloud to terminate inbound and outbound faxes, all images, transmissions and property information is transparent to etherFAX and stored on your GFI FaxMaker server within your firewall.

Using etherFAX with GFI FaxMaker allows you to eliminate phone line expenses and only pay for faxes sent and received through the etherFAX fax service.

How etherFAX works


Security is a clear differentiator when comparing other outsourced fax services to etherFAX. etherFAX incorporates a multi-level encryption/security system known as a “defense-in-depth” approach; a layering tactic, conceived by the National Security Agency (NSA), as a comprehensive approach to information and electronic security.


A fax is submitted to GFI FaxMaker, where the image is rendered, stored and then transmitted via secure HTTPS to the etherFAX data center for processing. Upon completion of the fax, a confirmation is sent back to GFI, your GFI FaxMaker server, resulting in a notification to the sender of the fax. This process only requires an Internet connection.


You can make use of the dedicated fax number(s) etherFAX issues for you and/or you can use your existing number.  Faxes are received at the etherFAX data center. Each fax is identified as your fax, based upon the number that was called, and is transmitted via HTTPS to your GFI FaxMaker fax server. Once received, GFI FaxMaker renders the image in the format you have chosen and the fax is routed to the intended recipient’s inbox.

Faxes are never stored at etherFAX; they are simply processed and stored on your GFI FaxMaker fax server.

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