Simple, low-cost faxing

GFI FaxMaker is a leading fax server that provides digital faxing without the need for
traditional equipment. Users can send and receive faxes electronically through a web
interface, email or integrated application from any location, on any device.


Easy to use

  • Send and receive faxes from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Fax using email (such as Microsoft Exchange or Gmail) or a web interface.
  • Send faxes directly from applications using APIs and print-to-fax.
  • Ensure faxes reach the right recipients with automatic inbound routing via email.
  • Save time and resources compared to manually transmitting with a fax machine.

Secure transmission

  • Reduces the risk of confidential faxes being mis-dialed, lost or read by unauthorized individuals.
  • Uses faxing protocols, which are more secure than email.
  • Provides security features such as Active Directory and data encryption.

Search and archiving

  • Converts fax images to text for easier search and retrieval.
  • Enables you to back up and maintain an archive of all fax communications.
  • Helps you improve record-keeping and meet compliance requirements.

Flexible deployment and administration

  • Choose a connectivity option to suit your requirements, from telephony to virtualized environments to cloud services.
  • Add fax lines and services, set routing rules and scale as needed.
  • Run reports based on users, departments, fax numbers, fax status and more.
New GenAI CoPilot for enhanced insights

GFI FaxMaker CoPilot is a GenAI-powered tool that enables FaxMaker Administrators to derive actionable insights from fax metadata using natural language queries. This approach empowers administrators to make informed decisions, identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall fax communication efficiency. Additionally, the CoPilot panel provides proactive pre-calculated insights, enriching the user experience and driving continuous improvement within the organization's fax communication processes.


  • GenAI-powered Insights: FMO Administrators can delve into metadata for all sent and received faxes using intuitive natural language queries. This feature allows for immediate questions such as “Which destinations are we sending the most faxes to this month?” or “Has there been any anomalous usage this month?”.
  • Integrated CoPilot Panel in the FaxMaker Web UI: CoPilot panel is the gateway for administrators to pose their questions. Beyond providing answers to specific queries, the panel proactively showcases conversations taking place via fax and the participants involved, trends in sent and received faxes, and comparisons to historical cycles, unexpected patterns in communication, data on user activity, and cost allocation.


quote-icon.pngGFI FaxMaker allows us to exchange medical records by virtually any provider office, even those without Internet access. Data is transferred using a HIPAA-accepted protocol, fax, and we now have accountability for both inbound and outbound faxes to medical providers.quote-icon.png

Barry Shermer
Windsor Health Plan, Inc

“Increased our productivity significantly and enables us to fax images from our imaging system.”

Michael Livingston
IT Director at Thomas George Associates Ltd

“Provides a mobile solution for our employees when on the road.”

Ralf Werner
Team Leader at Aos Stahl GmbH

“We've been able to get rid of POTS lines altogether and continue faxing.”

Chuck Schurman
Help Desk Supervisor