Fax OCR Software for Your Business - FAQs

What is optical character recognition (OCR)?

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a technology that converts documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or digital images, into editable and searchable data. OCR technology has improved the way information is stored, shared and edited. Prior to OCR, if someone wanted to turn a book into a data file, each page would have to be retyped.

How does it work?

An optical scanner scans the text on a page and breaks the fonts down into a series of dots called a bitmap. (OCR software can read most common fonts and distinguish where lines start and stop.) The bitmap is then translated into computer text.

What are the benefits of fax OCR software?

For one, it provides more flexibility. Users can receive faxes as working documents rather than static pages. It can also enhance workflow processes, save time and increase employee productivity. It accelerates data entry, since copy and paste is generally faster for large amounts of data input. It also saves on storage (and cost) since digital information uses less space than hard copy materials.

How does OCR enhance workflow processes and productivity?

OCR reduces data entry time and enables easy indexing and archiving of fax-to-email documents. It is faster and more efficient to search for keywords or phrases. What’s more, OCR enables routing based on actual fax content. For example, you can create a rule that says when “Online Order Form” is detected, the fax is forwarded to the Orders department. GFI FaxMaker converts the fax image to text and if the rule text is found, the fax is forwarded accordingly.

Is there any negative impact on network performance?

No. The OCR module enables fast conversion and routing so it doesn’t slow network performance.

Can we export text for reuse?

Yes. After a scanned document is turned into a searchable text file, you can reuse the text by copying it to other file formats such as Word or Excel.

Is the OCR module an optional feature with GFI FaxMaker?

Yes. The OCR module is optional, but it provides added functionality and benefits. It can enhance productivity, reduce storage space and lower the risks associated with retyping or reformatting information.

Can we test the OCR module?

Yes. There are detailed instructions in the Administration and Configuration Manual.

How do we install the OCR module?

The OCR module is already active in the evaluation version of GFI FaxMaker so there is no need to install.