On this page, you'll find answers to all your questions about GFI AppManager, from getting started to how the licensing works. We'll also clarify what this change means for existing GFI AppManager beta accounts and the transition from MyKerio to GFI AppManager. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource that addresses all your potential queries and concerns and makes your move to GFI AppManager as smooth as possible.

What products does GFI AppManager support?

GFI AppManager currently supports GFI KerioControl and GFI KerioConnect. The recommended product versions to install before onboarding to GFI AppManager are GFI KerioControl 9.4.3 Patch 3 and GFI KerioConnect 10.0.4. Both of these new product versions are equipped with the latest GFI Agent, offering improved performance and stability when managing appliances through GFI AppManager.

We're working hard to integrate the remainder of our product suite, starting with GFI Archiver and GFI ClearView. In the future, you will also be able to add any other product of your preference with GFI AppManager’s Open SDK.

How to upgrade to GFI KerioControl 9.4.3 Patch 3 and GFI KerioConnect 10.0.4?

Follow the standard installation and upgrade process outlined in the manuals:

How does GFI AppManager’s licensing work?

An active software subscription to GFI KerioControl or GFI KerioConnect automatically entitles the customer or the MSP managing the product on behalf of the customer to GFI AppManager. There is no separate license that needs to be purchased. 

The only requirement is that the appliances connected to GFI AppManager must have active software subscriptions. 

Is there a free trial?

Yes, prospects testing our products with a free trial license can also use GFI AppManager during their trial period.

What will happen to GFI AppManager Beta accounts?

Accounts created during the beta phase of GFI AppManager will continue to function and keep all their data after the general availability launch.

How to get started with GFI AppManager?

We have published an onboarding guide about getting started with GFI AppManager. You can read it here.

Where can I find the release notes for GFI AppManager?

Release notes are published on the Product Releases page.

What will happen to MyKerio?

GFI AppManager offers a broader range of features, and its vision extends beyond Kerio products, making it the superior platform for managing customer accounts and applications.

MyKerio will be discontinued in multiple phases, with the final sunset scheduled for March 31, 2024. This phased approach to the transition was set to provide sufficient time for customers to migrate their accounts and appliances to GFI AppManager.

How to migrate from MyKerio to GFI AppManager?

Once customers have upgraded their GFI KerioConnect and GFI KerioControl appliances to the compatible versions, they can transfer MyKerio Shared Definitions to GFI AppManager with just a few clicks. Here’s how:

  • Log in to GFI AppManager.
  • Go to “Definitions” and click “MyKerio
  • Click on "New Migration" and log in to MyKerio.


  • Select the relevant Organization and hit “Start Sync.”


  • GFI AppManager will then display the synced Shared Definitions.

If customers have multiple MyKerio accounts, each of these accounts needs to be migrated individually. By clicking the "Start Sync" button, customers can transfer their MyKerio Shared Definitions to AppManager. However, migrating appliances and users will need to be done manually. To learn how to do this, please refer to our onboarding guide.

What will happen to MyKerio data after March 31, 2024?

All customer data will be permanently deleted after the sunset of MyKerio.

Will GFI AppManager support GFI KerioOperator? 

GFI KerioOperator entered its End of Engineering stage on April 1, 2019. Although MyKerio currently supports GFI KerioOperator, this will not be the case for GFI AppManager. However, there is no cause for concern. Our team is actively developing an open SDK for GFI AppManager, which will allow the integration of GFI KerioOperator. In the meantime, GFI KerioOperator customers will continue to be able to use it as a standalone product.

Who should I contact for GFI AppManager support?

If you require support, please submit a ticket on GFI AppManager’s support website. Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist. We are committed to resolving concerns and ensuring the utmost satisfaction with GFI AppManager, as customer success remains our top priority.

How to submit feedback about GFI AppManager?

Your feedback helps us improve. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about GFI AppManager, we encourage you to share them through our feedback form