RADAR™, standing for Risk and Anomaly Detection, Alerts, and Response, is a specialized feature within GFI AppManager, designed to elevate network security and performance. It leverages machine learning to identify and mitigate unusual network activities, ensuring your system is secure and running optimally.

What sets RADAR™ apart is its focus on actionable insights. It automates the critical processes of data collection and analysis, turning complex data into clear, useful information. This means more informed decisions and a more streamlined approach to network management, improving both security and performance.


Unified Data Insights

  • Data Integration: RADAR™ aggregates data from diverse sources within your IT infrastructure, like firewalls, mail servers, and monitoring tools. This integration offers a holistic view of your network's health and performance.
  • Automated Analysis & Correlation: By automating the data-gathering process and intelligently correlating information from various sources, RADAR™ provides deeper insights and a more nuanced understanding of network status.

Intelligent Analytics

  • Advanced Anomaly Detection: Utilizing machine learning, RADAR™ excels in detecting anomalies and changes within your network, ensuring rapid identification of potential issues.
  • Suggestive Actions: Beyond identifying problems, RADAR™ offers actionable recommendations with automation options. These suggestions are ready for immediate implementation, simplifying the response process.

Streamlined IT Management

  • Centralized Control: The Unified Actions feature allows for streamlined management across multiple IT systems from a single interface, improving response times and operational efficiency.
  • Proactive Solutions: With a suite of pre-configured and customizable actions, RADAR™ enables automated remediation, focusing on proactive problem-solving and maintaining continuous network security and performance.

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