Despite email being the most popular medium of communication for business, fax still has an important part to play. Many organizations throughout the world still depend on fax to transmit mission critical documents, seventy percent of american companies use faxing for their important documents.

When you need a signature on paper nothing gets it done quicker then fax. Security is a major reason why fax is still used today they can't carry malware, they can't carry viruses. The event of error correction mode means faxes can be legally binding! That means business documents have validity when faxed. This allows faster transmission of contracts, legal documents and other business information.

If you're in the legal, medical, finance or construction trades you know how important fax still is to business. Fax is HIPPA compliant and provides a tangible audit trail of faxes sent or received.

Fax is still relevant because of the security aspects it brings. It's about identity and verification. Email is reliable, but anyone could be on the other end. A delivery receipt only verifies the mail server got the email not the recipient a fax is an almost direct line to the and user. Fax verifies delivery a signature verified identity that's why faxes is legally binding and email isn't.

Fax is still relevant because technology has removed the downsides of using it. Gone are the days of queues for the fax machine, blurry pages, errors and piles of junk faxes filling the in-tray. Using network fax service saves time and money, two things extremely valuable to business they allow multiple faxes to be sent at once saving time.

You can send faxes in seconds rather than minutes using a word processing program or email client, a fax server enables you to send higher-quality documents no need to print if you don't want to you can read it all on your desktop that's a significantly on ink and paper. You can also send and receive faxes while on the move with a smartphone.

Sending faxes isn't the chore it used to be, it's faster, cheaper and more secure then ever before. Stand-alone fax machines were often shared among an entire office A network fax is flexible you can fax to fax, fax to IP fax, fax to desktop or even to a compatible cell phone. You can also filter all junk fax numbers saving huge amounts of time and paper. Using network faxing is definitely the way to go. Fax still has much to offer even in the email age which is why it endures.

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