Hi it's Julia from GFI. I'm here with William our GFI FaxMaker specialist. William is going to talk to us about reporting within GFI FaxMaker.

William a question, how does an IT administrator monitor their usage within GFI FaxMaker?

In the new version of FaxMaker we have an in-built browser-based system whereby you actually launch your browser and from the IP address of FaxMaker slash faxmaker slash reporting you would be presented with this screen which allows you to actually log in if you've got the admin permissions to be able to log in and check the fax usage. Here we're logged in to the FaxMaker reporting console.

Administrator can configure their settings over here as to what they would like their default reporting period to be if they want any specific grouping of the usage, if it's wanted by day, by week or by a specific user. These are just the defaults, they can change them on-the-fly per report we'll see that in just a moment and if they have a preferred export method for the particular report. So if we just have a look at the report we've got just some basic reports. We could for example, if we just click on the download now on the fax usage report it will just download based on the default criteria.

Alternatively the administrator can say I want to change that for example show me the last for example one month of activity without any particular groupings and they can choose the Download button which will just give them the PDF in this case of the fax usage. We can just see that just now. They get a graph of how many faxes have been sent or received via the system. They will also be able if that is the report they want and they want to receive this on a recurring basis they would be able to for example schedule the report, specify a recipients for example.

Specify a date and a time and the frequency they would like to receive that and they would basically be able to schedule the fax there and then so the report has been scheduled for 3p.m. onwards and they would be able to get a recurring report and they can also choose to send the specific report now not just PDF as we've just seen it but also grab that report and specify the email recipients to who they would like to have that fax report sent.

Tell me William what if somebody wants to export the data to create their own more customized reported, is that possibility?

Yes in the reporter we've got the export data option over here the advantage of this that it's going to ask us what data range you would like to export the data from because it could be that the administrator is doing this recurrently so he just wants the most recent data since last text extract or they can go for the full database enter just the date range click on export and they're going to be downloading into their downloads folder.

The reporter data which essential is what the report is working on they can obviously work on that in any pivot table or in any particular filtering they would like to use or imported into their own custom database to actually link it to the in-house systems if necessary.

Fantastic very very useful thank you very much.

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