Kerio’s business is all about connecting and communicating securely. What a perfect complement to GFI’s mission to Monitor, Manage and Secure the networks of the Small to Medium Business community

At GFI we are building a world class SMB platform company

A warm welcome to the GFI Software family. Our first priority to you is to make your transition as smooth as possible while we work to make your original software investment even more valuable.

Our ultimate goal is for you to experience improvements in product performance and capabilities - as well as better services, support, and education. Along the way, we promise to keep you informed of what to expect, and when. We’ll communicate early and often to understand your needs and ensure we are aligned to exceed your goals and expectations.

Welcome to GFI Software

Scott Brighton
Chief Executive Officer
GFI Software

Our Process Explained

Quality and reliability

Quality, reliability and scalability of our solutions is paramount. We will optimise our product's performance to ensure customer and business success.

Open communication

Clear and unambiguous communication is core to our success. We will work hard to ensure objectives are clearly mapped and product plans are diligently aligned to meet business priorities.

Customer value

Adding new value on top of your original investment is our mission. Tailored programs like our GFI Prime will benefit loyal customers with hundreds of dollars worth of free software.

GFI Software and Kerio Technologies webinar for Customers

Frequently Asked Questions for GFI and Kerio Customers and Partners

This simple FAQ is designed to address the most common questions we received from clients and partners on the acquisition of Kerio Technologies.
More detailed and specific answers can be found in the Q&A documents at the bottom of this page.


What did GFI Software acquire?

GFI Software acquired Kerio Technologies, its assets, products and people.

Which Kerio products are included?

Kerio Connect, Kerio Control, Kerio Operator and Kerio Cloud.

What about Samepage?

Samepage was not part of the acquisition.


Is support likely to change?

Providing quality, valuable and responsive support is very important to us. We are currently reviewing both Kerio and GFI support models, with a view to create one support model that will benefit all our customers. Any future changes to this service will be communicated appropriately.

Will you be honoring our software maintenance contracts for their full life?

There are no current plans to change any of terms of the maintenance agreements both for Kerio and GFI customers.


What information can you share about the product roadmap?

Through early 2017, our roadmap will focus on the product infrastructure, improving product quality, and ensuring client stability. Throughout the remainder of 2017, we will focus on improving product architecture, performance, and usability. Our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with every product, and we will share product roadmap details with you as they become available.


Do you expect any changes in pricing?

We are not planning any immediate changes to price lists, but as always, these are subject to regular review. Once we have fully aligned and integrated GFI and Kerio, we will be able to publish more information on this.

Who do I contact for sales and pre-sales queries?

Please continue to work with your existing Kerio and GFI contacts for all sales enquiries using existing phone numbers and email addresses.

I am a reseller - do I continue to purchase via the established channels?

Yes, we will continue to communicate moving forward with our partners as we align the GFI and Kerio routes to market.

What is GFI Prime?

GFI Prime is our highly beneficial customer loyalty program that provides GFI Software customers with a selection of GFI products for free, for the duration of an active subscription with GFI.

Will Kerio customers have access to GFI Prime?

Kerio customers are currently not eligible to participate in the GFI Prime program, but you can expect more information about this in due course. In the meantime, you can visit the GFI website to learn more about GFI Prime.

Will you change or merge the GFI and Kerio Partner Programs?

We are currently evaluating our partner programs, with an idea to get the best out of the both for our partner channel. No decision on this has been made, so please continue to use the benefits of the existing partner programs as you have been doing so far.

What's next?

Where can I get more information?

You can find more specific information regarding GFI and Kerio in the detailed Q&As below.

>> Q&A for customers <<

>> Q&A for partners <<

(note: requires access to the GFI Partner portal)

If you have any further questions regarding the Kerio acquisition, please get in touch with us via email