Protect your network with patch management,
auditing and security scanning

GFI LanGuard enables you to manage and maintain end-point protection across your network. It provides visibility into all the elements in your network, helps you assess where there may be potential vulnerabilities, and enables you to patch them. The patch management and network auditing solution is easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy.


View your network and see where threats get in

  • Automatically discover all the elements in your network, including computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, printers, servers, virtual machines, routers and switches.
  • Group your devices for better management. Distribute management to different teams and see everything from a central management dashboard.

Find gaps that threats can exploit

  • Scan your network for missing patches.
  • Find gaps in common operating systems. Identify missing patches in web browsers and third-party software.
  • Identify non-patch vulnerabilities by using an updated list of 60,000+ known issues as well as items such as open ports and system information about users, shared directories and services.

Patch holes that make you vulnerable

  • Automatically deploy patches centrally, or deploy agents on individual machines. Don’t rely on individuals to keep your perimeter patched.
  • Control which patches you install and roll back any patches if you find problems.
  • Install security patches not just to fix bugs, but to help applications run better.

Report on compliance requirements

  • Provides automated network security reports to help you demonstrate compliance with multiple requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOX.
New GenAI CoPilot for improved insights and configuration

Discover the next level of network security with GFI LanGuard, now amplified by GenAI insights and Configuration Assistant. Our upgrades redefine protection for a smarter, faster, and tailored defense. GenAI delves deep into vulnerability contexts, optimizing protection for your critical points. It's more than security - it's actionable intelligence. The Configuration Assistant tailors settings to your needs, streamlining security without the complexity. security. It adapts instantly, blocking emerging threats by adjusting content filters on the go. Your sensitive data remains shielded, compliance stays intact, and risk is minimized.


  • GenAI-Driven Querying: Natural language queries within the GFI LanGuard Console UI yield direct, relevant insights.
  • Configuration Assistant: A straightforward right-click offers administrators tailored configuration advice.

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Deploy patches seamlessly across desktops, laptops, servers,
roaming devices and virtual machines, from a single interface

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