Monitor the health and performance of your entire network with reliable real-time reporting


Gain valuable insight into network and application performance in one unified dashboard

  • View the performance of your critical applications to determine which applications consume more bandwidth. ClearView natively recognizes thousands of applications, as well as allowing you to define your own.

  • View network activity down to the user level with comprehensive application groups.  Use pre-defined groups, or create your own.

  • Identify bottlenecks and issues impacting application performance. ClearView’s traffic analysis complements your existing firewall and security systems.


Identify critical issues impacting your applications.

  • Monitoring begins as soon as you deploy, and the 1-second refresh time gives you virtually immediate visibility of your entire network.

  • Per user application monitoring, based on Active Directory integration, lets you see in real-time which users are accessing which applications and services.

  • Application performance scores (APS) give you a 1 to 10 rating of application performance based on established thresholds



Prevent performance problems before they impact your business.

  • Link performance monitoring with peak analysis lets you know your top talkers and listeners at a given point in time, so you can take action to prevent future impact.

  • Comprehensive application monitoring gives you the ability to see all of your applications, not just the top few.

  • Identify rogue applications that pose threats to your network – before cybercriminals are able to exploit them!


Leverage state-of-the-art reporting tools to manage your data

  • ClearView’s built-in reporting tool makes data analysis extremely easy.

  • Use GFI ClearView to provide analysis of individual applications or groups of applications.

  • Easily output data aggregated from your Security Operations Center or other third-party tools.

  • Automatically aggregated and summarized data reduces the time and effort required to prepare certification reports. ClearView retains certification data for up to two years.


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New GenAI CoPilot for smarter bandwidth management

GFI ClearView CoPilot is an intelligent bandwidth management tool powered by GenAI. It proactively predicts bandwidth and application usage, allowing for dynamic bandwidth allocation using real-time data. Beyond just tracking application usage, CoPilot provides comprehensive traffic insights, capturing application performance and broader network behavior.


  • Predictive Network Troubleshooting: Predicts potential issues that may arise based on patterns and past network activity.
  • Application traffic insights:  Provides in-depth  information about application usage, extending beyond a mere list of utilized applications. It also predicts potential popularity shifts or problematic applications based on historical data.
  • GenAI-powered Recommendations: Ongoing evaluation of network utilization and current configuration delivers read-to-go configuration recommendations to the administrator, ensuring the network is always operating at peak performance.