The Gold Standard in Information Security Management

In today’s world, protecting your data is a must. ISO 27001 is a well-known standard for Information Security Management, recognized all around the globe. It helps you keep your data safe in a structured and proactive way.

ISO 27001 is a part of a larger family of ISO standards aimed at keeping information secure. It guides businesses, big or small, in managing information security risks involving processes, people, and technology. Getting ISO 27001 certified reassures your customers and stakeholders, saves time and money, and aligns your business with global best practices.

Bridging the Compliance Gap: GFI’s Product Suite

GFI Software offers a range of products that can help you meet many of the ISO 27001 requirements. Our solutions make getting and staying compliant achievable. Here’s how our products can support your compliance efforts:

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Your network is the gateway to your organization's data. GFI KerioControl fortifies this gateway against a multitude of cyber threats. It's not just a firewall, but a comprehensive security solution that includes intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus, VPN, and content filtering. By aligning with multiple controls under ISO 27001, GFI KerioControl is a cornerstone for your compliance strategy.

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Communication is the lifeblood of any organization. GFI KerioConnect ensures that your email communications are secure, reliable, and compliant. With features like SSL encryption, S/MIME, anti-spam, and anti-virus tools, it fortifies your email system against external threats. Additionally, automated backups and server-wide archiving help in adhering to legal requirements for email retention.

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Visibility is the first step towards security. GFI LanGuard provides a panoramic view of your network, identifying potential vulnerabilities and patching them before they can be exploited. With features like patch management and network auditing, GFI LanGuard ensures compliance with ISO 27001’s technical controls becomes a streamlined process.

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Data management is a critical aspect of compliance. GFI Archiver provides a centralized archive, ensuring secure storage and easy retrieval of emails, files, and other data. Beyond just a backup solution, GFI Archiver acts as a crucial tool in building and maintaining a compliant and auditable data management system.

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A secure email gateway is crucial for preventing malicious emails from entering or leaving your network. GFI MailEssentials provides a robust shield against spam, malware, and phishing attempts, aligning with the ISO 27001 controls to ensure a secure and compliant email system.

GFI Exinda NetworkOrchestrator - Logo A

Network performance and bandwidth management are critical for operational efficiency. Exinda Network Orchestrator empowers you with insights into network usage and the tools to prioritize critical applications. In the quest for ISO 27001 compliance, managing network resources effectively is a significant step forward.

Why ISO 27001 Matters for SMBs

While large enterprises may have the luxury of dedicated security teams, Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) often operate on tighter budgets. However, the risks remain the same. ISO 27001 certification not only provides a structured approach to information security but also builds trust with stakeholders and customers. It's a statement that your business takes data security seriously and has the processes in place to ensure it.


Benefits of ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the gold standard in compliance regulations and it helps organizations manage their information security risks and ensure that their security measures are aligned with their business objectives.

Competitive Advantage: ISO 27001 certification can give organizations a competitive edge by demonstrating their commitment to information security.
Legal and Regulatory Compliance: ISO 27001 helps organizations comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to information security and avoid the costs of non-compliance.
Improved Business Continuity: ISO 27001 helps organizations improve their business continuity planning by identifying and mitigating information security risks that could disrupt operations.
Enhanced Customer Confidence: ISO 27001 certification enhances customer confidence, improves brand reputation, and increases loyalty by demonstrating an organization's commitment to protecting customer data.

Your Path to ISO 27001 Compliance with GFI

With GFI Software products addressing over 70% of the ISO 27001 controls, embarking on the compliance journey is more accessible and cost-effective. Our products are tailored to provide security and compliance solutions that are easy to deploy and manage, without compromising on performance. Ready to take the next step towards ISO 27001 compliance? Contact us and see for yourself how each GFI product aligns with ISO 27001. We're here to guide you through each step of the way!