If you and your users want to know which emails have been blocked, GFI MailEssentials can automatically send out digest emails. Spam digest is a report which includes a list of all the spam emails that GFI MailEssentials blocked. You can schedule the report as needed.

To enable the Spam Digest go to Anti-Spam and click on Spam Digest. Spam Digest can be enabled for your administrators or for end users. And for each group, you can specify the day and time when the spam digest should be sent out.

Alternatively, if you have enabled quarantine, you can send out a Quarantine digest instead. This report is similar to the Spam Digest but it links directly to the Quarantine allowing you to view email previews of blocked emails.

To enable the Quarantine digest go to Quarantine, Quarantine options – Spam Options and click on User Settings. Here you can choose which users to include and also specify a schedule and frequency when the digest is sent out.