My name is Larry Fields, I'm the Head of IT for Raque Food Systems. We're located in Louisville Kentucky we've been manufacturing large machinery for the frozen food industries in the world since 1975. We have machinery in 24 countries and on 5 continents. We've been a GFI customer for over 10 years. In the beginning our exchange server we used Microsoft Exchange for our email our exchange server is a fairly large capacity machine but it can still be overloaded by the thousand of pieces of spam we get each night.

That was utilizing too much time for each individual email user, in addition it was causing hardware and software problems with our exchange server. We have about sixty mailboxes and we receive well over two to three thousand pieces of spam per night. I was searching for an anti-spam solution. I looked on the web. I checked with value-added resellers. GFI seemed at the time to fit our needs better than anything I'd looked at. The technical benefits of MailEssentials are multiple. The ability to intercept all emails before they reach the Exchange Server, the ability to configure keywords, header checking multiple things. GFI MailEssentials creates a report that is sent to each user. That report is highly configurable.

I have it set to send at 8 a.m. in the morning. It lists every piece of email that was spam filtered for each individual user. If a user has something in that spam filter that shouldn't have been, they notify me, I can pull it out of the folder then send it to them at which point it does go through our exchange server and then I whitelist the customer or the sending party. The economic benefits of MailEssentials is simple, it's best price performance ratio on the market as far as I'm concerned. I was very well pleased with how well it works, its functionality and the ability to customize it to our particular needs.

No other product that I looked at has the ability implemented as well as GFI. I refuse to buy any product before I test it. GFI allowed for testing and it actually is better to my way of thinking than what they say it is. And that's how I discovered GFI. The biggest advantage to partnering with GFI is the reachability. I can pick up the phone and usually within less than 4 to 5 minute I'm talking to somebody and the response that GFI has given for not only tech support but other questions, has been superb and I am very hard to please in that respect, very hard.

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