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White Papers - GFI Archiver

Why Office 365 customers need GFI Archiver

Although Office 365 ships with a lot of interesting and useful tools, it lacks critical capabilities which may leave your organization at risk. Indeed, you may be compromising data and regulatory compliance.

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Protect your business from the email avalanche

What you need to know about archiving so your business doesn’t get buried.

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Archiving technologies

Email management, compliance, stubbing and journaling. Email archiving is no longer considered a luxury for organizations. The key to successful implementation is choosing email archiving technology that meets your company's needs.

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Importance of email archiving

Multiple methods. This white paper examines the different ways to deploy and manage email archive solutions in an organization. It also identifies key requirements that any full-featured email archiving system should include.

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Email archiving

Email is the lifeblood of most businesses. The BlackBerry® back-up system failure in 2011, which crippled millions of smartphones, is a reminder that easy storage and retrieval of company email is crucial in today's world.

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Don’t worry, be happy

Research suggests that a happy workforce is a productive workforce.Read our report on the importance of happiness in the workplace and learn how the MailInsights reporting tools provide employers with a positive and valuable guide to understanding their workforce and improving their business.

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Are you playing by the rules?

Message management solutions for compliance. Learn how GFI MailArchiver and GFI FaxMaker can help companies comply with data protection and privacy laws.

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File-sharing and sync done right

Hosted shared storage systems are great – you can store and share files in the cloud for little or no money. They are great for non-critical data, but these services are used for corporate and confidential information. And they are not secure enough! Time for a reality check. Read this whitepaper to learn how address this growing concern.

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