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What's new in GFI Archiver

Version 15

Released: March 19, 2020

Release notes


  • Brand new client-side HTML5 desktop web interface to browse archived items
  • Brand new responsive HTML5 web interface for mobile device access to browse archived items.
  • Generate MailInsight reports from any device and gets results directly in your mailbox.
  • Easy to use web interface compatible with the latest web technologies


  • Imported emails from PST using IET does not display the sender name
  • Search / Advanced / Excludes filters don't work using meta params
  • Import Export Tool can't connect to mailboxes using only TLS1.2
  • BCC recipients are not being assigned ownership
  • Index rebuilding loop, infinite rebuild or showing as corrupt if merge operations fail when rebuilding multiple large stores
  • Any missing index.xml causes index credential validation to fail
  • Mailbox Restore Tool help URLs not working
  • Folder Structure Retrieval wizard fails with "Failed to start process while testing connection"
  • Attaching a store fails when the index folder contains at least 1 file with the exception of index.xml
  • Search / Simple / Difference in English vs Japanese version
  • Advanced search - including and excluding criteria based on email attachment parameters not working
  • Auditing does not add entries to Access Control table if the same group is added more than once under Configuration-Access Control-Configure Shared Mailboxes
  • Mailbox Restore Tool export ends at a particular calendar item without an itemType in arc table
  • Emails dropped for valid users in the inclusion list when a security group is changed to a disallowed distribution group in AD
  • SMTP client is unable to STARTTLS when only TLS1.2 is allowed
  • IET Export shows 1 result even without showing it on the records
  • Web Services invocation throws an error
  • Import-Export tool printing of emails does not show the list of all recipients in the BCC field
  • HealthMailboxes included in license count when ms-Exch-Recipient-Type-Details property isn't returned by the DC or a timeout with DC occurred
  • Mailbox Folder Structure is not imported into Archiver
  • Additional minor fixes and improvements

Note: v15 GFI Archiver license keys are required to activate GFI Archiver v15. The legacy web interface is still accessible under http://<server>/Archiver while the new interface is available under http://<server>/ArchiverSpa

Administrative configuration access is still available via the legacy configuration and that remains unchanged.

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For product downloads and information about upgrading GFI Archiver, visit the GFI Upgrade Center.

If you have additional queries about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us or an authorized GFI Partner directly.

Version 14.2

Released: May 31, 2019

Release notes


Version 14.1

Released: December 18, 2018

Release notes


Version 14

Released: October 9, 2018

Release notes



Version 12.4

Released: June 12, 2018

GFI Archiver 12.4 includes search speed improvements of up to 2x from the previous version. This release also adds support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and improvements to stability and functionality of the product making it more reliable and easier to use.

Note: the next release of GFI Archiver will no longer support Windows Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, and Microsoft Exchange 2007

Release notes



IMPORTANT - Changes to System Requirements

Changes to installation requirements

Support Added

Upcoming End of Support

GFI Archiver version 12.4 is the last version that will support the following:

Review the GFI Archiver manual for complete system requirements.

Version 12.3

Released: January 23, 2018

The latest version of GFI Archiver version 12.3 is now available for download.

This new version of GFI Archiver brings updates to individual product components for improved compatibility and search performance. This release focused on requested fixes and improvements to GFI Archiver.

See the Release Notes below for a complete list of updates.

New/updated features and improvements:


License Key:
License keys for GFI Archiver 12.0 are still supported for GFI Archiver 12.3 and no key updates are required.

Version 12.2

Released: June 27, 2017

This new version of GFI Archiver is a maintenance release that includes several bug fixes and improvements. As well as addresses customer requested fixes. Our focus for this release was on stability improvements and product quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

See the Release Notes below for a complete list of updates.


License Key:
License keys for GFI Archiver are still supported and no key updates are required.

Version 12.1

Released: January 24, 2017

GFI Archiver 12.1 (build 20161215) is now available for download. Upgrading from previous GFI Archiver versions is supported and handled automatically.

New/updated features and improvements:

Issues Resolved:

NOTE: Microsoft Windows 2003 and Microsoft Exchange 2003 is not supported.

Version 12

Released: February 16, 2016

GFI Software™ maintains its commitment towards ensuring our solutions are compatible with the latest Microsoft® platforms as well as investing towards continuous improvement of its products and solutions. The release of the latest version of GFI Archiver 12 does this and more. 

This new updated version includes:

Version 2015 SR1

Released: February 24, 2015

GFI Archiver 2015 SR1 ships with the following updated features and improvements.


MailInsights Fixes:

Search Fixes:

Other Fixes:

Version 2015

Released: November 24, 2014

GFI Archiver enables companies to archive and manage their email, calendar and file history in one place and provides easy access to the data when they need it. GFI Archiver is an essential addition to any backup strategy because it keeps a readily available version of users’ email conversations as well as important files. 

The new version of GFI Archiver 2015 includes: