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GFI Archiver Datasheet
Learn how GFI Archiver can help you through this brief product overview
File Archive Assistant
Learn how the File Archive Assistant helps you archive all your important company files in one secure, compliant and searchable location.
Use this guide to get an overview of GFI Archiver and plan for a successful deployment.
Evaluation Guide
Get the most from your 30-day trial of GFI Archiver.
Administrator Guide
Find out how to configure GFI Archiver. Create new email retention and spam policies, modify user access and tweak settings according to your requirements.
User Manual
Learn how to use GFI Archiver, from logging in to performing simple or advanced searches, generating GFI MailInsights reports and changing user preferences.
GFI Archiver and Office 365: Deployment Guide
Discover how to setup GFI Archiver to archive email from Exchange Online.
Outlook Connector Manual
Learn how to synchronize GFI Archiver with Microsoft Outlook®.
Archive Assistant Guide
Guides you through using the GFI Archiver archive assistant.
How to set up a new SQL Server Instance
How to create a new SQL Server Instance in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server Express.
API Manual
Learn how to programmatically fetch and search for emails from the Archive using the GFI Archiver XML Web Services API.
File Archive Assistant Guide
Learn how to configure and use the GFI Archiver File Archive Assistant to archive files from any location on your machine.
System requirements
Check out the system requirements, specifications and other important details about GFI Archiver
Product releases
Check out the latest product development, including product launches, releases, and upgrades for GFI Archiver
Why Office 365 customers need GFI Archiver
Office 365 lacks critical capabilities which may leave your organization at risk, compromising data and regulatory compliance.
Protect your business from the email avalanche
What you need to know about archiving so your business doesn’t get buried.
Archiving technologies
The key to successful implementation is choosing email archiving technology that meets your company's needs.
Importance of email archiving
This white paper examines the different ways to deploy and manage email archive solutions in an organization.
Email archiving
The BlackBerry® back-up system failure in 2011, which crippled millions of smartphones, is a reminder that easy storage and retrieval of company email is crucial in today's world.
Don’t worry, be happy
Read our report on how the MailInsights reporting tools provide employers with a positive and valuable guide.
Are you playing by the rules?
Learn how GFI Archiver and GFI FaxMaker can help companies comply with data protection and privacy laws.
File-sharing and sync done right
Hosted shared storage systems are great but these services are not secure enough! Learn how address this growing concern.
Case studies
Township of Denville
GFI Archiver always performs flawlessly and competent tech support is available when needed.
Redding Bank of Commerce
GFI meets the requirements set forth for a financial institution of our size and type.
Bridges Integrity Services LLP
Mail auditing has been proven a number of times to be very helpful
[GFI Archiver] was working from the first moment with any trouble. It makes administration of emails easier and faster.
FrugalBrothers Software
When companies rely on things like legal hold for law suits, the ability to quickly find mail from employees is a major benefit.
Archive view
Email view
Simple search for email files fax
Other resources
MailInsights reports can help you identify potential security breaches, legal risks and productivity issues by extracting key data from your email archive.
Voluntary Product Accessibility Template
Make preliminary assessments regarding products and services with features that support accessibility.