GFI Archiver is an award-winning archiving platform that can archive all of your emails, calendar and files in a secure and tamper proof location for future access. It gives your users a virtually unlimited storage location for files and emails that need to be stored for longer periods of time and also fetched back efficiently.

Archived items can be accessed using the GFI Archiver web interface from all major web browsers. You can also access all your archived emails or calendar items from within Microsoft Outlook or from any mobile device including tablets and mobile phones. Searching for archived items is very simple and straightforward. Users can use the simple search feature to search for emails, files or calendar items by entering any text, keyword or phrase in the search boxes. GFI Archiver keeps a full text index, so you can even search for words found within an attachment or file. Advanced users can also use the powerful advanced search features and search for any item based on a number of criteria.

GFI Archiver uses various techniques to collect items for archiving. Emails are collected from a journal mailbox while calendar items are fetched automatically from Microsoft Outlook using the GFI Archiver Archive Assistance. Files are collected directly from the PC's hard disk drives automatically using the File Archive Assistant. Once an item is collected from the source, it passes a number of pre-processing steps including compression and encryption, then it is archived into the allocated archive store.

Archive stores use Microsoft SQL Server as a back-end database. Alternatively items can be archived using a combination of SQL Server and also as encrypted files on disk for faster performance. GFI Archiver automatically manages the storage allocations and also the SQL Server databases. Once a database reaches its limits, it automatically creates a new one and starts archiving in the new database.

GFI Archiver bolsters the ability to meet compliance standards by archiving all correspondence and files in a secure, tamper-proof store for a pre-determined period of time. It also enables you to meet e-discovery requests to find and export specific items belonging to a user or group of users quickly and easily from the archive stores. All data can be exported saving the organization from any legal proceedings.

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