Happy employees a good for business. They're more productive, they take fewer sick days, and generally they work harder. In contrast, stressed workers cost US industry an estimated $300 billion a year in sick days, accidents and associated costs.

But how can you measure employee happiness? Do you hang out at the water cooler? Hand out surveys? Eavesdrop in the canteen?

GFI Software has created a more direct solution. Their GFI Mail Archiving Email Management System can actually monitor your company's mood. How does it to do that? MailInsights, a reporting tool within GFI MailArchiver, can provide you with a snapshot of employee performance, or customer mood, by seeking out key data in your email archive.

The Job Search Report will show which employees are emailing recruiters or receiving vacancy notifications, allowing you to address issues before you lose key team members. The Email Performance Indicators Report offers insight into who is using email the most, who has the fastest response time, and who communicates with the largest number of people. The Phrase Search Report allows you to seek out key phrases, while the Email Topics Report identifies frequently used words.

By retaining your best employees and creating a workplace they want to be in, your company will be able to thrive. Remember, employee happiness is not just about a paycheck. Earnings actually have a low correlation with how happy staff are. How they feel about their job, and how they feel they are treated, are far more important. By gaining insight into their communication, you'll be able to gauge how they feel about their job. That information can help you make your company the one everyone wants to work at. And that's something that will put you a giant step in front of your competitors.

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