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funkci XML API v GFI FaxMaker

In this video I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily enable the XML API function in GFI FaxMaker.

With the need for applications to work together to accomplish tasks increasing, the use of APIs makes this possible. With GFI FaxMaker using APIs to send faxes is simple to set up. Start by opening the GFI FaxMaker configuration interface. Then navigate to the Advanced section and then to the Text-API/XML-API subcategory and then click Properties.

When the new window opens select the second tab at the top labeled XML/API. Next check the box near the 'enabled' feature to make sure that the XML/API feature is enabled. Next click on the Add button to navigate to the folder where you wish GFI FaxMaker to search for the XML/API files to be used.

Once this is done click OK. Now you should be able to verify that the folder path is in the list box above. Click OK again and you're all set. You're now ready to send faxes using the XML API feature in GFI FaxMaker.

I hope you found this video useful. Be sure to check out our other GFI FaxMaker videos. Thanks for watching.