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Documentation - GFI FaxMaker

  • Datasheet/Brochure

    Learn how GFI FaxMaker can help you through this brief product overview.

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  • SmartGuide

    Use this guide to get an overview of GFI FaMaker and plan for a successful deployment. Provides a high level overview of GFI FaxMaker, what it does and how you can evaluate for successful deployment.


  • Administration and Configuration Manual

    Find out how to configure GFI FaxMaker in different environments, and learn how to set up advanced features.

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  • Easy Trial Guide

    Get the most from your 30-day trial of GFI FaxMaker.

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  • Hosted Email Environments

    This guide explains how to setup an environment for fax server integration with a hosted mail server.

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  • API Manual

    Learn how to programmatically send faxes from custom or other applications using GFI FaxMaker APIs.

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  • Fax Device Installation Manual

    Learn about the fax devices and communication software supported by GFI FaxMaker and how to install them.

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  • GFI FaxMaker® and MessageMedia SMS services – Industry examples

    Many industries can greatly benefit from SMS messaging services as part of their internal and external communications. Read more on how an SMS messaging service combined with GFI FaxMaker can help.