The HIPAA and HITECH regulations were created to safeguard patient health information from exposure or disclosure. While these regulations are a great idea the add a burden to an already heavy workload for frontline staff.

The security provision of HIPAA demands that health care providers take reasonable care to protect the confidentiality of protected health care information also known as PHI. Network fax servers enable your employees to fax from EHR applications P.M. software, their desktop, from office applications, via email, CRM platform, and many other applications.

Receiving faxes is as easy as sending. Faxes are received electronically no more faxes on the fax machine for anyone to read, no more need to scan the fax so it can be entered into an EHR application and the risk of losing or misfiling a fax is exponentially reduced.

Network faxing has a huge range of advantages for the health care industry, a main one being that it aids in HIPAA Compliance. A paperless office helps with high-tech compliance too. It can even archive your faxes automatically once they've been processed. Most importantly it saves time and money, both of which are incredibly short supply.

Medical practices that use network faxing can realize efficiency savings of up to 80%. Faxes are sent and received automatically, catalogued index archived automatically and then can be searched and stored securely. This leaves you and your staff more time to provide the vital care your patience need. Sound expensive and time-consuming right? Wrong! Network faxing is designed to work with your existing systems and use your existing network. It needs no dedicated phone line or fax machine, it needs no paper, no ink and no one to look after it.

Being able to do so while remaining compliant with HIPAA and HITECH is a bonus we won't discount. It isn't often you get the best of both worlds but in this case it really is true, if you haven't taken that final step to a true paperless practice try GFI Faxmaker. It integrates with many leading EHR applications. Has won numerous awards and is used by thousands a business globally.

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