The applications SMBs
need with an
easy-to-choose price

Small and Medium-sized businesses are familiar with buying business software applications together as part of a suite. Popular suites address the SMB need for connection and collaboration (through email, calendar, etc.) and creating and sharing ideas (making documents, spreadsheets, presentations).

While collaboration and creation are important, SMBs face new issues that center on security and networks. The amount of cloud applications and data now in play, the threat from hackers and other malicious agents, and the requirements of compliance regulations make your network and its security the new table stakes. GFI Unlimited is a growing set of software solutions for SMBs focused on collaboration, network, and security applications. Deploy capabilities from GFI Unlimited based on your requirements and needs, at your own pace.



GFI Unlimited lets you choose the applications that make sense for your industry, size of company, and business challenges. Kerio Control is an easy-to-use firewall product all companies need to protect and manage networks and applications. GFI LanGuard delivers patch management to ensure your network is safe. GFI Archiver helps you meet legal and compliance requirements. GFI FaxMaker provides easy digital faxing for industries like healthcare and legal that use faxes. GFI MailEssentials offers extra email protection, and Kerio Connect gives you an email platform that’s easier to deploy and manage than more costly alternatives.


Value for money

A popular business suite with collaboration and document creation applications costs $150 per person per year (and this is not the most expensive option). GFI Unlimited gives you collaboration and security applications for less than $40 per person, per year. Two GFI products are cheaper through GFI Unlimited than if you bought them separately. With GFI Unlimited, your third and additional products are essentially free. See how FaxMaker + Archiver deliver value.


Save money on software
Grows with you

Grows with you

It’s easy to add users, mailboxes or capacity as you grow. Your price point will decrease with larger size deployments. Start with the products that address your organization’s needs. See how you can add other parts of the portfolio to solve other issues while saving you money.


GFI Unlimited beinhaltet:

  • GFI MailEssentials
  • GFI LanGuard
  • GFI Archiver
  • GFI FaxMaker
  • Kerio Connect
  • Kerio Control
  • * GFI EndPointSecurity
  • * GFI EventsManager
  • * Kerio Operator

* Nur im Rahmen von GFI Unlimited erhältlich