Smart engineering

Our solutions are smartly engineered to deliver exceptional performance to every install. Whether you’re using our products to secure your data, streamline your processes or manage your information, every solution we offer delivers the capabilities you need to drive your business forward.

All our applications are created to be as elegant as they are powerful. That means streamlined applications that deliver on their promises. Straightforward installs that simply work and accessible interfaces that anyone can use regardless of their skill.

Trusted expertise

Thousands of leading businesses across the globe trust GFI Software to make them more efficient, more productive, more secure and more cost effective. We count our installs in the tens of thousands, in over 120 countries. With numerous awards for effectiveness and innovation to our name, we are the sensible choice for the IT needs of any organisation, anywhere.

Our proven expertise allows us to develop powerful solutions for a range of IT requirements. As thought leaders, we are perfectly placed to drive security and interoperability forward to the benefit of all.

Right-sized solutions

GFI Software is built around flexibility. Regardless of company size, industry, compliance needs or complexity, you can rest assured that our solutions will suit and exceed your needs. This flexibility empowers you to evolve at a pace that suits you while benefitting from industry-leading, cost-effective applications designed around the way you work.

Products in our portfolio can standalone or can work together in concert to deliver a wide breadth of benefits without compromising performance.

Security excellence

Security is at the core of everything we do. Whether we are securing your networks, protecting your data or your users, our business is to secure your business. Our award-winning products offer the most comprehensive security available. We are at the forefront of IT security and we want to ensure you benefit from our expertise.

With features such as automatic updates, multiple threat assessments, forensic hardware audits, multiple layers of security and robust endpoint security, we are dedicated to keeping you and your data safe from harm. We use customer surveys, industry feedback and our own monitoring to ensure we deliver robust, reliable, security that is relevant to your needs and the threats you face.