Having a secure, compliant, and efficient IT infrastructure is key. GFI Software provides easy-to-use solutions to help educational organizations align their operations with essential data protection and cybersecurity standards is crucial. Our offerings are crafted to strengthen your compliance, ensuring a safe digital environment for both educators and learners.


Education in the Digital Playground

Today's classroom is buzzing with the clicks and pings of digital learning. The blackboard has extended to the cloud, and the conversation continues beyond the school bell on email threads and online forums. It's vibrant and engaging, but not without its share of digital headaches. Cyber threats, secure communication, and data management are now part of the syllabus. 


Clicks, Codes, and Classes: Is Your Organization Synced?

A single click on a malicious email and the semester's grades are held ransom by hackers. A forgotten software update, and the school's network becomes a playground for cyber intruders. An unsecured faculty communication channel, and sensitive student information finds its way to unwanted places. These aren't tales of digital dystopia; they're real challenges that schools and universities face in the digital age. That's why GFI Software offers a toolkit that helps schools and universities ace the test in cybersecurity, keep the conversation flowing safely, and manage their digital footprint efficiently.

Secure your school or university's network, systems, and data with GFI Software

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Traditional networks in education can face hurdles: Is bandwidth used efficiently? How is priority given to critical applications? Exinda Network Orchestrator™ tackles these by optimizing, monitoring, and controlling network performance. It facilitates easy prioritization and allocation of bandwidth, making a seamless online learning experience attainable.

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GFI Archiver™ is a solution designed to help educational institutions meet growing regulations on compliance, eDiscovery, and data protection. By creating a secure and easily accessible archive of all email communications, GFI Archiver aids in protecting your institution from complaints and potential legal disputes. 

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Protecting sensitive data is critical in educational settings, regardless of the institution's size. GFI LanGuard™ provides thorough vulnerability management and extensive reporting, making it a cost-effective solution for your cybersecurity compliance efforts. It helps in identifying and fixing network vulnerabilities, ensuring a safe digital environment for staff and students.

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Secure and efficient email communication is vital in education. GFI MailEssentials™ safeguards your email communications from spam, phishing, and malware threats, ensuring a safe communication channel for your academic community. It helps in maintaining a clutter-free inbox, allowing educators and students to focus on what's important.