GFI MailEssentials can be installed on servers that handle email traffic in your network. You can also install the product on both email gateways and Microsoft Exchange servers. The location where you install GFI MailEssentials is typically defined by your email infrastructure. For more information on this topic we recommend you read the GFI MailEssentials administration manual.

We recommend that you install GFI MailEssentials on all email gateway servers as this will ensure monitoring of all email traffic flowing in and out of your organization. You can also install GFI MailEssentials on any Microsoft Exchange hub transport or mailbox servers.

After you have chosen which servers to install GFI MailEssentials on, the process is quite simple with the installation wizard automatically proceeding with the configuration and installation of the required components.

The primary components of GFI MailEssentials are:

  • The scanning engines which comprise the AntiSpam filters and Antivirus engines
  • The backend services which maintain the quarantine, reporting and other logic
  • The Web Interface which can be hosted either under Microsoft IIS or in local mode for local only access.

If you need further assistance in setting up the product you can contact our product experts on