We are an IT security firm and we specialise in the GFI software product line and we work with small to mid-sized companies all over North America. Mail Essentials is for companies that are using their own mail servers and they're trying to combat things like spam, viruses, malware that sort of thing coming through their email.

It's a huge job for most companies and very expensive. GFI has made it very simple to do with GFI MailEssentials, and that comes in several different editions. An anti-spam product, an email security product that allows up to five different anti-virus scanners to scan that email and then what we call Unified Protection that combines both products into one.

Well I'm working with GFI because they really work with the kind of customers that I work with which is a small to mid-sized company. They develop products that sell themselves and I thought that was so very important. They were very well known in the Microsoft world and that's why I really wanted to partner up and team up with GFI because they hit everything my customers are looking for.

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