Как найти в сети общие ресурсы
доступные для всех, используя GFI LanGuard

In this video I'm going to show you how to find what is shared on your network and what's accessible to everyone with GFI LanGuard.

Use Dashboard, System Information view to learn what is shared on your network. You can see which computers have administrative shares enabled and which do not. And if you select a single computer you can see the details, like share permissions.

In the report section there is the Open Shares report option that shows the same details in a printable format and if you want to see which shares are available to everyone use the full-text search functionality. Select shares in the network and Software Audit Section. Type in 'everyone' as your keyword in the search field, click Search and here they are.

I hope you found this video useful be sure to check out our other GFI LanGuard videos. Thanks for watching.