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Videos - GFI LanGuard

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    GFI LanGuard - General videos

  • GFI LanGuard® Step by step guide

    Duration: 3:24

    GFI LanGuard - Your virtual IT security consultant. This step by step guide helps you understand how you can maintain a secure and compliant network with minimal IT effort.

  • Customer Testimonial, Bayview Medical Clinic

    Duration: 4:45

    Bayview Medical Clinic is a small group practice with three physicians. Together, they provide a full service Family Practice to over 4,000 patients. Since it is a paperless clinic the laboratory and medical imaging reports are delivered electronically and E-Faxes are entered directly in to the EMR. All Paper documents are scanned as searchable PDFs and then attached to the patient chart. Since so much personal data is stored digitally the clinic decided to up their security game and started using GFI LanGuard.

  • FrugalBrothers testimonial

    Duration: 2:22

    Since 2006, FrugalBrothers has built its business around providing only the best email protection and network security tools to its customers. FrugalBrothers are certified in all products and is a top GFI Gold Level Partner.

  • Bash the bug

    Duration: 0:37

    The discovery of a bug in the Bash shell, one of the most-used utilities for Linux/UNIX, has ‘shellshocked’ experts. If you thought Heartbleed was bad, think again, because the effects of the Bash bug on unpatched machines can be devastating. You can, however, do something about it with GFI LanGuard.

  • Choosing the right patch management software

    Duration: 1:48

    A recent Ponemon Institute study estimates it costs businesses $214 per single, compromised record - so just imagine what it would cost if thousands of records on your system were compromised. Add to that the impact on reputation, lost business and potential legal ramifications and it is easy to see the additional value provided by automatic vulnerability scanning.

  • I have installed GFI LanGuard, now what?

    Duration: 0:49

    Watch this video to learn what to do once you've installed GFI LanGuard.

  • 5 security mistakes SMBs make and their simple solutions

    Duration: 2:26

    What are the top five security errors that small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) commonly make? And how can you avoid them? Watch this video for some simple but solid advice and practical tips to increase your organization's network security.

  • Network vulnerabilities are on the rise! Ensure your network devices are protected.

    Duration: 1:53

    GFI LanGuard, is your solution to ensure that your network is secure and protected in today’s high risk environment.