How to automate deployment of patches with GFI LanGuard

In this video I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily automate deployment of patches with GFI LanGuard.

To automatically deploy software updates as they're being detected you first have to approve updates for Auto Deployment open the Configuration tab and select Patch Auto Deployment from the menu on the left side of the screen. You can improve each patch manually as it is released by the vendor and after it was tested in your environment to make sure you will not have any negative impact.

By default you were notified by email when new patches are available. There's also the option to approve some patches automatically you can do it by severity. For example approve all Critical Severity Updates or by vendor or product. For example approve all Adobe Patches or just Adobe Flash Player.

Next you need to enable Patch Auto Deployment to happen at the end of scheduled remote scans or Agents Scans. For scheduled remote scans select Schedule Scans from the Configurations menu then double click on the Scan Target to view the Properties window and Apply Settings. For agents scans open the Dashboard tab then right click and select Properties on the network item you want to configure and Apply Settings.

I hope you found this video useful. Be sure to check out our other GFI LanGuard videos. Thanks for watching.