Choosing the right patch management software

For the small to medium size businesses fighting to grow and make a profit automating everyday IT tasks is vital.

Even in larger organizations where IT teams are small and have a lot to do proactive threat management remains a low priority. That's where automatic vulnerability and patch management comes in. Add deep network analysis and comprehensive risk assessment to the mix and you really have something of great value.

If you outsource your IT support opting to invest in automatic vulnerability scanning in network management could yield savings within days. But you shouldn't only factor in the cost of IT support. It's when your existing solution misses something important that costs truly skyrocket. A recent Ponemon Institute study estimates it costs businesses 214 dollars per single compromised record. So just imagine what it would cost if thousands of records on your system were compromised? Add to that the impact on reputation, lost business and potential legal ramifications and it’s easy to see the additional value provided by automatic vulnerability scanning.

Used in conjunction with a comprehensive security suite a vulnerability management solution makes great business sense the solution can audit your entire network so you know exactly what you have. Identifying potential risks and patching machines quickly and efficiently. It needs no dedicated hardware support staff, and will do just about everything automatically. The right automatic vulnerability and patch management solution acts as a virtual security consultant always searching for vulnerabilities always there keeping an eye on things and always ready to deploy security patches 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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