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MailInsights is the email archive reporting tool you’ve been looking for. An integral part of GFI Archiver™, the award-winning email management solution for businesses, MailInsights reports can help you identify potential security breaches, legal risks and productivity issues by extracting key data from your email archive. Reports can be issued on demand or scheduled and sent to your inbox on a regular basis.


Data leakage detection


Webmail usage


Email responsiveness


Phrase search


Outside office hours


Inactive accounts



Email Storage



Job search



Inappropriate words



Email performance



User traffic



Communications Flow



Large emails



Internal Spammers



Email Topics


Protect sensitive company data

Reduce legal exposure

Concerned about people sharing sensitive personal and company information via email? The Data Leakage Detection Report helps you identify emails containing sensitive information, including social security numbers, credit cards and other sensitive information that could put you at legal or financial risk.


Messaging patterns

MailInsights identifies them

Concerned about employees illicitly speaking to the competition? The Communications Flow Report shows you who your employees, or groups of employees, are communicating with on a regular basis. This information can help management identify which users are most productive and show you communication networks as they build within the company. So if an employee leaves your company suddenly, their replacement can pick up right where they left off.


Speed stuns

Know who you can count on

Some of your employees realize this. Others may be losing opportunities or damaging your hard-earned reputation by not responding to emails in a timely manner. MailInsights’ Email Responsiveness Report will help you identify the fastest and slowest responders within a group – while also working out the average response rate.


What is everyone talking about?

Create reports based on email content

You can learn a lot about what your employees are thinking from email. Measure sentiment and analyze content based on user-defined key words or phrases. With the Phrase Search Report you can find and analyze emails on a particular subject or related to a particular project.


Track after-hours activity

Spot suspicious trends as they happen

The Out of Office Report is a useful tool to help you track and find spikes in after-hours activity so you can investigate and address any issues, such as data leakage or illicit activity, before it is too late.


Prevent security breaches

Discover inactive email accounts

Inactive email accounts pose a security threat to your system because each one offers an unnecessary entry point into your network. Inboxes which are not being used also account for a significant amount of storage space that can be allocated to active users. The Inactive Accounts Report will highlight these accounts, allowing you to take immediate remedial action.


Lower email storage costs

Only store the essentials

Even though the cost of storage is going down, the average file size sent by email is increasing. GFI Archiver offers you retention policies based on file type and sizes, and the Email Storage Report in MailInsights shows you what is being stored in the archive and by whom. Use this report to alert users and to create the appropriate retention policies and win back control of your storage costs.


Are your employees happy?

Who is looking for a new job?

The Job Search Report is a useful tool to gauge the mood of your workforce. It can show you who is emailing recruiters and receiving alerts from job search sites, so you can address any HR issues directly before it’s too late.


Keep emails clean

Your employees’ words matter

Inappropriate emails can land your company in hot water with harassment lawsuits. You can tell a lot about a user and their habits by the words used in their emails, which is why the Inappropriate Words Report in MailInsights will help you track and manage offenders.


Measure employee performance

Understand employee work habits from the way they use email

The Email Performance Indicators report provides managers with the ability to evaluate job performance through a better understanding of how employees use their office email. This report ranks workers according to who uses email the most often, who responds to emails the fastest to, and who communicates with the greatest number of recipients.


Where is all this email coming from?

Take control of your email flow

Who is sending and receiving the most email? Where is it all coming from? Whether it’s from internal spammers, or external customers, the User Traffic Report allows companies to determine the number of emails sent or received, internally or from outside the company. The report provides companies with deeper insight into their email flow and helps managers make decisions and identify issues, based on real data in email trends.


Find and stop internal “spammers”

We receive enough unwanted mail

Some people need to communicate messages to a wide audience on a regular basis, but others include many colleagues in CC even when they are not directly involved. These extra emails are a great waste of time and adversely affect the productivity of the people receiving them. The Internal Spammers Report will help you identify potential time-wasters and protect your resources.


Keep track of large emails

Detect and manage the number of large files being sent by email

The Large Emails report allows administrators to detect and manage the number of large files being sent by email. This report can be helpful in identifying users who are putting stress on your email infrastructure and also identify what kind of files they are sent.


What is the latest hot email topic?

What is the mood in your company today?

The Email Topics report identifies top keywords that are frequently used and measures positive and negative email sentiment across the organization, providing managers with valuable insight into what is driving employee and customer email usage.

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