9 good reasons to monitor your network with GFI ClearViewTM

Single dashboard

All the information you need to monitor your network is available in one place. Application performance tracking, per user statistics, per application usage, real-time traffic monitoring, reports and alerts are all accessible in the ClearView Dashboard.

VM deployment

Deployment to a virtual machine saves your organization money and time. No new hardware is required, so setup is fast and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is greatly reduced.

Performance Reports

Detailed reports give you valuable information about your network and applications. Report catalogs for WAN planning, application performance, network governance, and critical IT projects are available in ClearView’s report library.

Configurable Alerts

Alerts are customizable both in source and content. You determine which events trigger  alerts, you decide who receives alerts, and you decide what information is distributed.  End users can receive notifications through multiple channels. 

Log exporting

ClearView integrates with your SIEM system, exporting logs to expand data sources and improve overall security.  Comprehensive logs give you the visibility to improve your overall network security, preventing security incidents and reducing downtime.

Continual Network Auditing

ClearVIew’s efficient controls testing and monitoring let you constantly review your business processes and applications, ensuring adherence to policies and procedures  and intended levels of performance and effectiveness.

Data Gathering and Retention

Report data can be aggregated and summarized in ClearView and exported from other external sources, such as your Security Operations Center (SOC) or other third party tool.  Data is retained for up to two years, giving you the coverage you need for compliance and audits.

Real-time monitoring

Monitoring begins immediately and data is provided with 1-second resolution. Application performance, bandwidth consumption, and security vulnerability data on all users, devices, and locations across your network let you know what is really happening.

Direct path to network shaping capabilities

Keep all of the features you enjoy in ClearVIew when you move to Exinda NetworkOrchestrator while adding bandwidth shaping, acceleration, and edge cache.