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What's new in GFI FaxMaker™ 2014?

Released: August 26th, 2014


The new features in GFI FaxMaker 2014 are designed to maximize your communication and connectivity options. 

This release highlights our product’s ability to plug in to a wide range of network configuration scenarios to use more tools and systems to send faxes and SMS - with minimal infrastructural changes. 

With this release, businesses can continue to streamline workflow, improve communication, and automate fax and SMS delivery. Together, this increases efficiency and saves money. 

Product upgrades include:

  • Support for Sangoma analog and digital ISDN PRI boards via the GFI FaxMaker Sangoma Connector (available as an add-on), offering a broader choice of communication devices. The Sangoma connector enables the use of Sangoma ISDN PRI voice cards to be used as fax cards. (Note: BRI support will be added after the initial release.)

  • Extended range of locations where GFI FaxMaker can be installed. GFI FaxMaker can now be installed on lower cost Microsoft® operating systems for the first time since Windows® XP by adding full support for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. 

  • Inclusion of a new fax archive viewer for administrators to quickly view and retrieve old faxes sent or received by GFI FaxMaker.

  • The ability to choose country specific data centers when using the hybrid model with etherFAX fax service.

  • Integration with MessageMedia SMS text messaging services. Learn more about MessageMedia and a start a free trial of the service.