Maximise Business Efficiency with GFI FaxMaker®
Guaranteed fax delivery with Email and easy API integration, extended connectivity options and more.
Efficient, direct and instant
Faxing in virtual environments made easy!
Archiving historic faxes just got easier
GFI FaxMaker® offers secure, efficient, email-enabled faxing and now comes with GFI Archiver® integration.
Are you playing by the rules?
Learn how GFI FaxMaker can help your company
comply with data privacy laws.
Network fax server software for Exchange/SMTP/Lotus
Simple, secure, automated electronic faxing.

GFI FaxMaker automates faxing, making it electronic, simple and secure

GFI FaxMaker replaces paper-based faxing with an easy electronic process
Increase efficiency and boost productivity

Increase efficiency and boost productivity

GFI FaxMaker can save your business thousands in labor costs, improve workflow efficiency and boost employee productivity. It also increases information security and leverages the existing application infrastructure. The days of waiting at the fax machine for incoming faxes or confirmation of document delivery are history.

Leverage existing applications

Leverage existing applications

Expand your use of existing business applications such as back- and front-office applications and messaging, without incurring additional software or training costs. The end result: higher productivity and lower costs. Faxes created with GFI’s fax software also enhance your business communications by enabling a consistent, more professional appearance.

Improve your business processes

Improve your business processes

Right from the start, GFI FaxMaker enables users to quickly and easily send, receive and manage fax communications from their desktops. With faxes composed in a word processor (or other application) or created via email (commonly known as “email-to-fax”), numbers can be selected from the email client’s address list or entered manually. As a result, your end-to-end fax communication process is shorter, more efficient and better organized.


Are you playing by the rules?

Simple message management solutions can help companies with data compliance.

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Supports Exchange 2013

GFI FaxMaker and SAP

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More benefits


Automatic inbound routing sends faxes directly to the recipient’s desktop, eliminating the risk of being discarded or read by an unintended recipient.

Reduce costs

One manual fax can take up to 10 minutes to send. Labor costs can quickly mount up. Electronic faxing takes seconds, saving you time and money.

Remote faxing efficiency

Email-to-fax and fax-to-email technology provides a truly seamless experience for remote users. If you can connect to email, you can fax.

Green faxing

Electronic faxing is paper-free. That means it is not only secure and efficient, but it will also help your company reduce its carbon footprint.