Welcome to stress-free security management with GFI KerioControl for MSPs. Tailored for Managed Service Providers, GFI KerioControl for MSPs simplifies safeguarding your clients while offering the flexibility to scale services and control costs. Choose what you need, when you need it, and build a trusted security practice that grows with your business.

Customizable Security
Mix and match features to build the ideal security setup for each client, from advanced firewall protection to deep packet inspection.

Scalable Solutions
Effortlessly adjust your services to the size of your clients' operations with our flexible pay-per-user model.

Cost Efficiency
Maximize profitability with a pricing structure that reduces overhead and eliminates the need for hardware investments.

Reliable Protection
Ensure clients are shielded against the latest threats with continuous updates and proactive trend analysis.


Mix & Match Features for
The Perfect Security Bundle

Choose from a spectrum of features to craft the ideal security bundle for each client.

  • Next-generation firewall: Provide robust perimeter security to defend client networks.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS): Monitor and manage network traffic to prevent malicious activity.
  • Application control: Tailor access and usage of applications to meet individual client policies.
  • Deep packet inspection: Offer thorough network analysis for enhanced security and control.
  • Bandwidth management: Ensure optimal network performance by managing bandwidth smartly.
  • Gateway antivirus: Safeguard client networks with real-time virus detection and prevention.
  • VPN: Enable secure remote connectivity for your clients' distributed teams.

Security that Scales with Your Service

Taste the flexibility, with cost-effectiveness that’s hard to walk away from.


  • Easily rollback and scale with your business cycle
  • Pay-per-user
  • Bundle with third-party service providers

Lower Costs

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reduced maintenance overheads
  • No hardware refresh costs
  • No product ownership costs
  • No dedicated IT staff

Leverage Industry-Leading Expertise

Stay ahead of threats and ensure your clients benefit from the latest in security advancements.

  • Up-to-date Service: Deliver the latest security updates to keep client networks safe.
  • Continuous Improvements: Consistently enhance service quality with continuous product enhancements.
  • Trend Insight: Gain foresight into emerging security trends to prepare your clients for the future.
  • Optional Maintenance and Monitoring: Offer additional layers of support and monitoring for clients seeking comprehensive security oversight.

Are you a leading managed service provider?
Then GFI wants you.



GFI KerioControl for MSPs - Datasheet
GFI KerioControl for MSPs - Datasheet
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Why choose GFI KerioControl MSP
Why choose GFI KerioControl MSP
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