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At GFI, we’re on a mission to partner with the best MSPs in the industry. We connect top-notch MSPs with small to medium businesses to provide essential IT solutions. Our comprehensive software portfolio covers security, communications, and network management with a wide range of capabilities in each category.

Product categories

We offer a unique model tailored exclusively to our channel partners, supplying them with the tools they need to provide end users with industry-leading IT solutions. With the help of our well-established partner program, we set up our MSP partners for success, provide them with premium solutions, and accelerate their growth at lightning speed. From local channel account managers to live chat support, we empower our partners to show up for their customers anywhere in the world.


GFI Software’s MSP Partner Program Named Best Program of the Year

Why Become a GFI MSP Partner?

100% Channel Model
  • Partner-focused approach
  • Services designed just for MSPs
  • Supported by an established network of partners 

For over 20 years, GFI Software's business model has been 100% focused on supporting our vast network of global channel partners. That means no direct sales, just a dedicated commitment to helping our partners grow. When you become a part of our global channel network, you join a team invested in helping one another grow through collaboration, innovation, and a drive to push the boundaries of what IT can achieve. 

Unified Ecosystem Through New Innovation: GFI AppManager
  • Single pane of glass for applications, appliances, and accounts
  • Machine learning innovation: RADAR 
  • Open platform with extensible SDK

Through GFI AppManager, we offer a complete overview of all your customers through a unified cloud platform where you can monitor and remotely manage GFI and other products. No more console overload. All your accounts, all your applications, in one place.

Opening the window of opportunity even more, we will be shortly announcing early access to RADAR (Risk and Anomaly Detection, Alerts, and Response), an emerging innovation in the frontier of machine learning. Keeping up with the forever-innovating field of AI and machine learning is critical for anyone in the technology space, and GFI helps its providers stay ahead of the competition.

To top things off, AppManager also provides an open platform with an extensible SDK, empowering our partners to add applications according to their customers’ needs, synergizing tools and the people behind them.

Licensing And Billing for Every Budget
  • Tier-based volume pricing
  • Usage-based monthly subscription options
  • Base subscriptions and addons

At GFI, we equip our partners with the best resources at the best prices. We employ flexible, tier-based volume pricing so that our MSPs can purchase more IT services for the same price.

We thrive on watching our channel partners succeed, so we work hard to accommodate MSPs of all bandwidths and provide them with the services they need to reach the most customers possible. Choose the best plan for the solutions you need, your budget, and your bottom line. 

Increase Your Profits
  • Diversify customer base
  • Expand service offerings
  • Increase customer retention 

Our collaborative, 100% channel model allows our MSP partners to offer a wide range of services across industries through unique up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. This approach empowers our providers to increase not just their customer volume and diversity, but their retention rate as well—not to mention margin and revenue! 

Top Tier Enablement
  • Collaborative go to market
  • Sales and technical resources
  • Business planning

As an IT solution provider operating exclusively through our channel partners, we understand that the value of teamwork is indispensable. That’s why we offer a collaborative go-to-market model, allowing all of our MSP partners regardless of size to be recognized for the value they bring. 

We also offer a suite of sales and technical resources designed to fill in any gaps in knowledge so our partners can expand their services into new industries. Our model includes business planning for scaling your company, reaching more customers, and boosting your revenue—ensuring each of our partners succeeds so that we can all stand stronger together. 

Early Access to New Innovation

Our MSPs are our VIPs. We ensure they have the resources needed to stay on top and provide their end users with cutting-edge industry technology with advanced access to software, services, and solutions, including the latest in machine learning.

Our success has been with GFI. We started off as a bootstrapped company, introducing GFI products from the get go. 40-45% of iSync’s revenue came directly from GFI product sales, with the majority of revenue coming from opportunities that GFI helps open doors. There hasn’t been more excitement in than within the last 2-3 weeks since [the GFI] team has been working with us to take our relationship to the next level.

Scott Bowen // Chief Operating Officer

MSP Incentive Programs

For New Partners

We love our channel partners—and to prove it, we’re offering new partners $300 monthly for 3 months and a hands-on MSP onboarding training program as part of our market development fund for partners once they have created a business plan with GFI. We designed this incentive to drive engagement and create momentum for new partners, so that they grow their business, expand their offerings, and provide essential IT solutions to as many customers as possible.

Partner Referral

Our referral program awards existing partners with credits based on the number of subscriptions their referred partner has within 3 months:

  • 100 Subscriptions - $250
  • 500 Subscriptions - $750
  • 1,000 Subscriptions - $1,500

Partners onboarded through referrals get access to the above New Partner incentive.

Limited-time Offer for MSP Expo Attendees

Register at booth 321 for a chance to win $500 in MSP credits!



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