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Documentation - GFI LanGuard

Quick Trial Guide

Get the most from your 30-day trial of GFI LanGuard.


Learn how GFI LanGuard can help you through this brief product overview.

GFI LanGuard Datasheet

Installation and Setup Guide

Review system requirements and follow the easy steps in this guide to successfully deploy and test your GFI LanGuard installation.


Administrator Guide

Learn how to configure GFI LanGuard. Tweak settings according to your requirements to unleash its full power.


Scripting manual

Gain more granular control through the various scripting languages supported by GFI LanGuard and cater for specific incidents. This is intended for advanced users.


Central Management Server Guide

Learm more about the GFI LanGuard Central Management Server console. This offers administrators a view of the security and vulnerability status for all computers, networks or domains managed by the different GFI LanGuard instances. It also offers centralized reporting and visibility by capturing data from the various deployments of GFI LanGuard.