What's new in GFI Archiver

Version 15.6

Released: January 4, 2024

GFI Archiver 15.6 is a release with an important maintenance fix for customers archiving emails from Microsoft 365 environments.

  • Emails from the journaling mailbox may stop getting archived in Microsoft 365 environments.

Downloads and Upgrades:

For product downloads and information about upgrading GFI Archiver, visit the GFI Upgrade Center.

If you have additional queries about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us or an authorized GFI Partner directly.

Version 15.5

Version 15.5

Released: April 13, 2023

  • The folder view is empty in the new UI

  • Test email notification doesn't fail when the SMTP configuration is incorrect

  • Version Check fails with "No updates found" when the server's TLS1.0 or 1.1 is disabled

Version 15.4

Version 15.4

Released: January 26, 2023

  • MFA error in Archiver when configuring an O365 Journal Mailbox

  • Fixed broken help topic links

  • Connecting through OAuth to Exchange 365 is failing

  • Error message that MFA is not supported while MFA is disabled

Version 15.3

Version 15.3

Released: September 28, 2022

  • Import/export tool update for MS Outlook 2019/2021

  • Redemption library update to version 6.2

  • IET incorrectly determines the Outlook bitness version

  • Export SQL Raw Data crashes on corrupted data

  • Mailbox Restore Tool not working for Office 365 mailbox

  • Downloading emails in MSG format failed on systems with Outlook x64

Version 15.2

Version 15.2

Released: August 11, 2021

  • Deleted users are not found when searching in the Access Control or Archive tabs

  • User is not able to preview calendar items

  • Inline images in archived messages are not displayed

  • In Microsoft Outlook, the Outlook Connector window stays on top after opening the search menu

  • Dates are displayed in the English format even when another language is selected

  • On the Archive tab, the date and time shown for an email should match the date and time when it was archived in the local time

  • In GFI Directory, deleted users are not found when searching in the Access Control or Archive tabs

  • All emails should be previewed, downloaded, or sent to the designated email address without errors

  • Permission changes for deleting items should be reflected

  • Deleted calendar items should be removed from the calendar

  • User traffic reports for all users and for an individual user show different values

  • The version check says that the version is up to date even on Archiver versions lower than 15.1

  • Errors appear when journaling some email messages via Outlook

  • Upgrade the Telerik libraries to 2021.2

  • Archiver Import/Export tool fails to import large mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange

  • When viewing archived items, deleting an archived item does not remove it from the list

  • JavaScript errors are displayed in the browser console when viewing web pages in the browser

Version 15.1

Version 15.1

Released: November 26, 2020

  • Support for OAuth Authentication for Microsoft 365

  • "Restore x" panel is not visible inside the Email window after clicking "Restore to Mailbox" for the 1st time (SPA UI)

  • Mass Import from Microsoft 365 fails

  • Outlook auto-archive function crashes when the Outlook connector is enabled

  • Usernames or Passwords with special characters are unable to login (SPA UI)

  • Upgrading GFI Archiver to Version 15 on an SBS 2011 breaks Exchange 2010 Management Shell

  • Different results between legacy and SPA user interface

  • Several minor additional fixes to SPA UI

  • In a non-Exchange environment, IET force closes when importing a PST for a user without a mail* attribute

  • Users without access control permissions can view email subjects of other users when using the search in the SPA UI

For more information on how to set up GFI Archiver with Microsoft 365 please see here.

Version 15

Version 15

Released: March 19, 2020

  • Brand new client-side HTML5 desktop web interface to browse archived items

  • Brand new responsive HTML5 web interface for mobile device access to browse archived items.

  • Generate MailInsight reports from any device and gets results directly in your mailbox.

  • Easy to use web interface compatible with the latest web technologies

  • Imported emails from PST using IET does not display the sender name

  • Search / Advanced / Excludes filters don't work using meta params

  • Import Export Tool can't connect to mailboxes using only TLS1.2

  • BCC recipients are not being assigned ownership

  • Index rebuilding loop, infinite rebuild or showing as corrupt if merge operations fail when rebuilding multiple large stores

  • Any missing index.xml causes index credential validation to fail

  • Mailbox Restore Tool help URLs not working

  • Folder Structure Retrieval wizard fails with "Failed to start process while testing connection"

  • Attaching a store fails when the index folder contains at least 1 file with the exception of index.xml

  • Search / Simple / Difference in English vs Japanese version

  • Advanced search - including and excluding criteria based on email attachment parameters not working

  • Auditing does not add entries to Access Control table if the same group is added more than once under Configuration-Access Control-Configure Shared Mailboxes

  • Mailbox Restore Tool export ends at a particular calendar item without an itemType in arc table

  • Emails dropped for valid users in the inclusion list when a security group is changed to a disallowed distribution group in AD

  • SMTP client is unable to STARTTLS when only TLS1.2 is allowed

  • IET Export shows 1 result even without showing it on the records

  • Web Services invocation throws an error

  • Import-Export tool printing of emails does not show the list of all recipients in the BCC field

  • HealthMailboxes included in license count when ms-Exch-Recipient-Type-Details property isn't returned by the DC or a timeout with DC occurred

  • Mailbox Folder Structure is not imported into Archiver

  • Additional minor fixes and improvements

Note: v15 GFI Archiver license keys are required to activate GFI Archiver v15. The legacy web interface is still accessible under http://<server>/Archiver while the new interface is available under http://<server>/ArchiverSpa

Administrative configuration access is still available via the legacy configuration and that remains unchanged.

Version 14.2

Version 14.2

Released: May 31, 2019

  • Contains Document / Attachment Advanced search leads to error

  • Outlook Connector does not synchronize new emails until store service restart

  • Issues with Mail Servers to Archive wizard on Office 365

  • Outlook Connector synchronizes only latest store

  • User list not populating in the advanced search

  • Import/Export - Export progress is not pausing even though the Pause button is clicked

  • Translation issue in the Japanese version (Search fields)

  • Web Services GetMessage API call - 401 access denied

  • EWS AutoDiscovery fails when TLS1.2 is enforced

  • Delete button not hidden even if no permission for it to be visible

Version 14.1

Version 14.1

Released: December 18, 2018

  • Journal connection via EWS not working when TLS1.0 is disabled on Archiver, Exchange or both

  • Notifications are failing to be sent to GFI Archiver Administrator

  • No email report is sent when trying to send immediately or schedule a report for Job Search Report

  • Filter toolbar is disabled for 'Data Integrity' report page.

  • Records not displayed in User Audit Trail when Group by User view is selected

  • Journal connection via EWS not working when TLS1.0 is disabled and using manual host

  • Export to PST hangs after 100 emails

  • Install log filename referencing previous major version

  • On editing scheduled "Phrase Search" report its "Chart Type" gets changed

  • Import Export Tool does not sort store selection

  • Import Export Tool fails to export to pst with Folder Structure enabled in stores with duplicate tagIds

  • Import Export Tool hangs when trying to import an item with an unreadable character in the header

  • Outlook Connector Script Error: "Unable to get property 'hide' of undefined or null reference" in search item context menu

  • UI Advanced search unknown error

  • GetUsersTimestamp high execution counts impacting store service caching performance

Version 14

Version 14

Released: October 9, 2018

  • Change in the licensing model. GFI Archiver is a subscription service product. Archiving & Searching is blocked if subscription expires

  • Import Export Tool skips folders due to "server cannot service this request right now"

  • Import Export Tool limits search to 100 items and even with more than 100 returned it exports maximum of 100 items

  • Audit Database Wizard cannot pass “Enable tracing” screen on Chrome Browser

  • Office 365 journaling moves all items to the failed folder or hangs due to "SendMeetingCancellations attribute is required for Calendar items"

  • Inconsistent UI search results

  • Mailbox Restore - export to pst ends prematurely

  • Archive Restrictions - adding email address of a security group saves a random member instead

Version 12.4

Version 12.4

Released: June 12, 2018

GFI Archiver 12.4 includes search speed improvements of up to 2x from the previous version. This release also adds support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and improvements to stability and functionality of the product making it more reliable and easier to use.

Note: the next release of GFI Archiver will no longer support Windows Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, and Microsoft Exchange 2007

  • Search speed improvements to Quick Search

  • Search speed improvements to Simple Search

  • Search speed improvements to Advance Search

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017

  • Import Export Tool: pst import failed items with no reason offered

  • Sync Files are displayed/downloaded with size = 0 bytes

  • Error displayed on Configure IMAP window

  • ExportSQLRawData fails to export data from SQL Full

  • Context menu not available on archived items

  • Import Export Tool: import from Exchange inbox - Error: "Value of '1478' is not valid for 'Value'"

  • Specific item causes all items (even valid ones) to fail to be archived

  • Auto-import via Archive Assistant is not working

  • MailInsights Reports not getting scheduled and generated after 30 reports

  • Archiving operations do not work, when Archive Assistant is installed in %appdata% being redirected via GPO to a network share.

  • When attaching a store from the UI, Archived Data Location verification fails due to extra white spaces in path

  • Mailbox Restore - "Error Listing Users" when searching for users

  • Import Export Tool: hangs when exporting huge number of emails

  • GFI Archiver Import Export tool fails to respond properly

  • Item "Mailbox Folder Structure Retrieval" is not being sorted correctly in Auditing page

  • Error when trying to export emails in MSG format

  • Archive page panels do not expand/collapse/restore properly

  • Search results should take up all the allotted horizontal space (as in View mode)

  • Duplicate "Forward" option displayed in Actions list

  • UI Issue - Border for list of scheduled reports is static

IMPORTANT - Changes to System Requirements

Changes to installation requirements
  • 64-bit versions of supported operating systems is required
Support Added
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
Upcoming End of Support

GFI Archiver version 12.4 is the last version that will support the following:

  • Windows Server 2008

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

  • Microsoft Exchange 2007

Review the GFI Archiver manual for complete system requirements.

Version 12.3

Version 12.3

Released: January 23, 2018

The latest version of GFI Archiver version 12.3 is now available for download.

This new version of GFI Archiver brings updates to individual product components for improved compatibility and search performance. This release focused on requested fixes and improvements to GFI Archiver.

See the Release Notes below for a complete list of updates.

  • Updated dtSearch Engine

  • Updated Redemption component

  • Slow download for journal due to Calendar events parsing errors

  • Custom date issue in Homepage for mailflow chart

Version 12.2

Version 12.2

Released: June 27, 2017

This new version of GFI Archiver is a maintenance release that includes several bug fixes and improvements. As well as addresses customer requested fixes. Our focus for this release was on stability improvements and product quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

See the Release Notes below for a complete list of updates.

  • Auditing Report for Retention Policies is not working

  • Archiver is checking the date/time when invitation was sent not the actual time of the event

  • Auditing > Configuration with Configuration Section as "Security": New and Old entries format is not correct

  • Error.Ada.DirectoryFailed in Eventlog after patch

  • No Calendar Items displayed on "Display calendar view"

  • Permission "Connect using IMAP" is not enabled for Auditor role

  • Unable to archive Calendar items

  • Normal Retention is working but no audit entries displayed

  • Unable to download email in MSG format

  • Retention Rule does not run, showing .NET error

  • Mailinsight Report (Email Responsiveness) does not show emails replied under 2 minutes (1 min 59 sec)

  • Custom Date Range is not working on Advanced Search with Archiver DB Archive Stores

  • Unable to download from Tobit Journal - IMAP

  • Calendar items not showing in Calendar View

Version 12.1

Version 12.1

Released: January 24, 2017

GFI Archiver 12.1 (build 20161215) is now available for download. Upgrading from previous GFI Archiver versions is supported and handled automatically.

  • Search engine update enabling much faster searches in the archive as well as the attachments

  • Better support for SSL/TLS connections

  • Windows Server 2016 Support.

  • Start menu links to troubleshooter.exe, instead of logcollector.exe

  • Account list does not hold current archive store selected in archive page

  • Archive Assistant not working with %appdata% being redirected via GPO to a network share

  • Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_arc_msg_tags' when MAUpdateUsers is consolidating users

  • Other minor fixes.

NOTE: Microsoft Windows 2003 and Microsoft Exchange 2003 is not supported.

Version 12

Version 12

Released: February 16, 2016

GFI Software™ maintains its commitment towards ensuring our solutions are compatible with the latest Microsoft® platforms as well as investing towards continuous improvement of its products and solutions. The release of the latest version of GFI Archiver 12 does this and more. 

This new updated version includes:
  • Support for new Microsoft Platforms such as Microsoft Exchange® 2016, Microsoft Outlook 2016 and Microsoft Windows 10.

  • Improved search functionality, giving quicker results to end users and administrators conducting a search query.

  • Additional bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 2015 SR1

Version 2015 SR1

Released: February 24, 2015

GFI Archiver 2015 SR1 ships with the following updated features and improvements.

  • Search and Index Language Analyzer can be turned OFF and ON

MailInsights Fixes:
  • When using GFI Directory Service or Office 365 some MailInsights reports were not accurate if users had a proxy email address.

  • Under certain conditions, schedule is not being saved for Monthly and Weekly scope.

  • In User Traffic Report when having large volume of users.

Search Fixes:
  • Search for certain Japanese and Chinese characters yields no results.

  • Searching for strings which contain the . (period) character

Other Fixes:
  • FAA failed to use the correct file path if it contained UNICODE characters.

  • FAA and Outlook Connector delayed for hours to synchronize mailbox for the first time because of time zone difference.

  • IMAP: MArc.IMAP.exe crashes when IMAP client requests certain emails

  • Microsoft Outlook crashes when Outlook Connector is installed aside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Add-In.

  • VSS service not removed successfully during uninstall phase will cause installation to fail, roll back and leave MARC uninstalled

  • Other minor fixes.

Version 2015

Version 2015

Released: November 24, 2014

GFI Archiver enables companies to archive and manage their email, calendar and file history in one place and provides easy access to the data when they need it. GFI Archiver is an essential addition to any backup strategy because it keeps a readily available version of users’ email conversations as well as important files. 

The new version of GFI Archiver 2015 includes:

  • GFI Directory, an Active Directory replacement for GFI Archiver. Organizations who do not have Microsoft Active Directory can use GFI Archiver simply by installing it in GFI Directory mode.

  • History retention provides easy control over the storage of different versions of archived files.

  • Archive stores management utilities are now available as a separate download for all administrators who do maintenance jobs on their databases, including exporting to a new database and splitting older archive stores into smaller ones.