What's new in GFI KerioConnect

Version 10.0.5

Released: April 17, 2024

  • Logging in with 2FA generates errors in the logs
  • KOFF Automatic Updates not working on RDS
  • Some emails not opened from within Webmail
  • Only the first attachment is kept on calendar events
  • Attachments missing in WebMail when added from KOFF
  • KOFF preview showing incorrect characters
  • CalDAV client on MacOS receives wrong time zone for calendar event
  • Search folder not containing correct items in KOFF
  • Multiple repeated calendar event notifications via EAS
  • Attachments in calendar events created through KOFF are broken on iOS devices
  • Incorrect status display on GFI AppManager registration and connectivity
  • AppManager registration and removal working correctly
  • Shared definitions - time range groups are not synchronized from within gfi AppManager
  • Memory leak fixes
  • High server CPU load when using ActiveSync

Downloads and Upgrades

For product downloads and information about upgrading GFI KerioConnect, visit the GFI Upgrade Center.

If you have additional queries about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us or an authorized GFI Partner directly.

Version 10.0.4

Version 10.0.4

Released: January 22, 2024

  • GFI Agent auto-update capability on Windows and Linux
  • Updated GFI Agent for better AppManager performance and stability
  • Archive folders can be disabled for users
  • Admin interface reachable over IPv6
  • WebMail: Opening an email results in error
  • Events in shared and public calendars no longer require a browser refresh to be shown in the UI

Reminder for KOFF users when upgrading from versions older than 10.0.2 Patch 2. Please read our pre-installation guide for a smooth KOFF upgrade process.

Version 10.0.3

Version 10.0.3 Patch 1

Released: December 20, 2023

This patch incorporates the following fixes from previous releases that were missing from the 10.0.3 version.

  • Installation fails if the agent cannot be downloaded or gets stuck due to low download speeds.
  • GFI AppManager management link from the KerioConnect admin UI should open the appliance management page in AppManager.

Version 10.0.3

Released: December 14, 2023

  • Older versions of KOFF are now NOT natively rejected by GFI KerioConnect 10.X mail server when configured via the new UI option.
  • Diacritic representation in KOFF client.
  • KOFF now supports modern authentication in Outlook, eliminating legacy login pop-ups.
  • Email loading behavior, ensuring emails open at the beginning of the body.
  • Seamless application of SMTP port changes in KerioConnect.
  • ActiveSync synchronizes correctly even when the connection is bad.
  • MS Outlook not saving default signatures.
  • Invalid certification errors for Let's Encrypt certificates.
  • Issues with 'apt update' on 9.4.2 6498 multi-server appliance disk 1 image.
  • Email invitations containing Czech characters are displayed incorrectly.
  • Issues with garbled invitations in certain scenarios.
  • KerioConnect Client login difficulties when Domain 2FA is set to expire in 0 days.
  • Inability to backup bayes.db files larger than 2GB due to ZIP limitations.
  • Missing image attachments in meeting invites created from MS Outlook.
  • Display issues with .csv attachments appearing as .xls in webmail.
  • HTML meeting invitations are no longer converted to attachments in KOFF.
  • Calendar event descriptions disappearing in Webmail when used on Firefox.
  • Text attachment in a calendar event looks corrupted when viewed from Webmail.
Version 10.0.2

Version 10.0.2 Patch 2

Released: November 20, 2023

  • KOFF fails to be auto-updated when not running under admin rights.
  • GFI AppManager management link from the KerioConnect admin UI should open the appliance management page in AppManager.

This patch specifically targets and resolves an issue affecting users of the Kerio Outlook Connector (KOFF) plugin for Microsoft Outlook, eliminating the need for admin credentials for all future KOFF updates.

Solution overview:

We've applied the fix to the service responsible for KOFF updates (KTupdateservice.exe). Once this service is updated on every workstation running KOFF, future KOFF updates won't require admin credentials.

How to update:

Option 1: Update KTupdateservice.exe before updating the server to GFI KerioConnect 10.0.2 Patch 2. (Recommended)

  • This can be done either manually on each workstation or centrally through a GPO policy.
  • For detailed instructions, please refer to our Pre-Installation Guide for GFI KerioConnect 10.0.2 Patch 2.

Option 2: Update the server to GFI KerioConnect 10.0.2 Patch 2 and perform one last KOFF update with admin credentials.

  • If you choose this path, admin credentials will be required once per workstation during this update. Future updates will not require admin credentials.

Version 10.0.2 Patch 1

Released: October 18, 2023

  • Installation fails if the agent cannot be downloaded or gets stuck due to low download speeds - fixed on Windows and Linux installers
  • KOFF fails to be deployed and auto-updated

Version 10.0.2

Released: October 9, 2023

  • GFI AppManager support
  • New BitDefender bdcore library support
  • Displaying the 2FA statuses for users within the product UI
  • After upgrade, Virtual Appliance console is not operational and cannot see network interfaces
  • Problems in handling umlaut characters in OOO (Out of Office) editor in Outlook for Mac
  • The calendar is not updated in WebMail when the external attendee sends a response to an invitation that contains an .ics file
  • Updates for the description field to public calendar event do not work if an event is edited in Outlook for Mac
  • Numbered Lists Formatted Improperly in Webmail
  • Sharing Calendar through EWS on MAC (read-only) allows the read-only user to send emails on behalf of the first user
  • The app password does not work for the DAV protocols
  • ALTREP is not as per RFC 5545 in events that have multipart/attachment when created using KOFF
  • Trash folder isn't sharing properly
  • ICS Events with Non-Standard UIDs are not Syncing down to clients via CalDav
  • Email list jumps to the beginning when a new e-mail is received in Webmail
  • KOFF loses connection to RPC-server in some cases
  • Outlook shows no  "Send on Behalf" Dropdown When Sending Emails
  • Unable to search contacts using "Company" field in Outlook
  • KoffRtfWrapper.exe performing some registry operations
Version 10.0.1

Version 10.0.1

Released: April 12, 2023


  • Disabled message in WebMail "Your email has been successfully sent"
  • MS Teams account can be linked properly from GFI KerioConnect
  • Lost connection to RPC server fix
  • Multiple fixes on crashes by KOFF and Outlook
  • Fix for KOFF high CPU use
  • KOFF performance optimizations to allow faster operations with large mailboxes
  • KOFF desktop notification shows a proper message when indexing finished
  • Reduction of frequent desktop notifications
  • Fixed search index slow performance and crashes, stability improvements
  • Enhanced logging for db operations / indexing
  • Fix of inaccurate search results
  • Optimizations for new index search start and reindexing process
  • Multiple fixes for slow Outlook start
  • Fixes for Windows Terminal Server environments related to indexing and search issues
  • Searchd is running as a service
  • Memory usage optimization
  • Fixed EAS calendar invite reminders incorrectly set on iOS devices
  • Fix for EAS folder tree synchronization problem
  • Fix of No "Send on Behalf" Dropdown When Sending Emails issue
  • Fix for ICS events with non-standard UIDs that are not syncing down to clients via CalDav
Version 10.0.0

Version 10.0.0

Released: December 12, 2022

  • Faster KOFF search

  • Integration with MS Teams calendar

  • Support for ActiveSync version 16.1: 

    • Sync email drafts including attachments on mobile and desktop/web versions

    • Sync calendar attachments with mobile devices

    • New time proposals for calendar events on mobile devices

    • Support Information Rights Management (IRM).

  • Recurring error 0x80004005 E_Fail in KOFF

Note: The ActiveSync “Wipe” functionality is disabled in version 10.0.0. Learn more about this change here.

Version 9.4.2

Version 9.4.2

Released: August 9th, 2022

  • Multi-server feature.
  • "Too many simultaneous connections" error

  • Kerio connect crashes once "specific" email is opened in WebMail

  • MS Outlook for MAC using EWS randomly "forgets" application password (with 2FA is enabled to the account)

  • Backup module reporting 0 bytes free when the disk space partition has available space.

  • KOFF - Attachments in meeting invitations are not working (support all meeting attachments except text files or csvs)

  • Shared Folders with non-ASCII Characters Sync over ActiveSync Regardless of Preference

  • [WEBMAIL CONTACTS] If a contact is created with only a "Company" field, making a modification to the Notes and saving corrupts the contact. (Regression)

  • .ICS RSVP status is not processed when an external attendee accepts a meeting

  • Cannot search for contacts using the Notes and Phone number property in webmail (search by phone number)

  • Events Created in Jerusalem Time Zone with "All Day" set are not compatible with O365 / Exchange Accounts

  • Fix time zone for Brasilia

Version 9.4.1

Version 9.4.1

Released: March 16, 2022

  • Security Vulnerability - Upgrade to Log4j 2.17.1

  • 3CX meeting invitations are causing Kerio Connect to crash

  • Unable to delete emails from public folders with version 9.4

  • Shared folders with non-ASCII characters sync over ActiveSync regardless of preference

  • Cannot search contact by phone numbers in webmail

  • ActiveSync - Timezones are updated incorrectly when events are updated

  • Filename has escaped characters when using Download All attachments in Kerio Connect Client

  • Added support for Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only HTTP Header

Version 9.4

Version 9.4

Released: January 13, 2022

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Added application passwords for KOFF, IMAP and similar

  • Added TLS options in GUI

  • Integration with Let's Encrypt with auto-renewal functionality

  • Broken Google Play icon shows in "sync app" options when integration with web mail

  • KOFF not syncing emails over 1000 items on O365 version of Outlook

  • MS Teams URL not showing in received emails

  • Unable to set the timezone in the web mail client

  • ActiveSync is returning search results in wrong order

  • Implementation of Log4j 2.17.0

  • Server OS information and Kerio Connect engine details are exposed

  • Changes to "full name" property are not reflected in contacts

  • Paper clip icon is showing incorrectly and is disappearing in KOFF & WebMail

  • Unable to forward contact "as Outlook contact" using EAS protocol with Outlook

  • Zoom meeting invites are not syncing with iOS calendar

  • KOFF authentication fails when reverse proxy changes WWW-authenticate header to lowercase

  • Email forwarded back and forth between two mailboxes are lost

  • Delegated email addresses are removed from the "To" and "Cc" field when replying to an email

  • Shared calendar names are not displayed correctly in the Apple calendar app in BigSur when using CalDav

  • ActiveSync implementation allows to send duplicate messages

  • Selecting "about" while logged in as the built-in admin results into "internal error"

  • Sometimes email is missing when sync is done via ActiveSync

  • Alternative address doesn't reply to Calendar invitations

  • Kerio Connect mail client crashes with 32603 invalid response error

  • Attachments are not being detected by the message filter for signed emails

  • SMTP relay password has a length limit

  • iOS tasks are failing to sync via ActiveSync protocol

  • Webmail calendar event with attachment name using international characters will show file name in binary format

  • Error in WebMail when Grammarly add-on detects a spelling mistake

  • All-day tasks are synchronized one day earlier

  • Resources can be reserved from external calendars only if they are made available to the entire server

  • Kerio Connect client 9.3 for Windows no longer supports "Send to" function

  • Event attachments with filenames having unicode characters appear as "application/octet-stream" file type with the name "=" after the event has been saved

  • ActiveSync search command uses an invalid range when searching GALs on devices using iOS 11 and later

  • Unable to remove contacts last name

  • WebMail is incorrectly constructing base href hyperlinks

  • Index rebuild causing email lost in differential backups

  • Fixed wrong in Polish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese translations

  • Amount of characters is limited in message filter configured to send automatic response

  • Account added to eM client via EWS shows unusual timezone behaviour when editing events

  • Forwarding an email with no body text will cause sender information to be lost

  • Meeting requests created with use of Alias in KOFF will show actual sender instead of alias

  • Items deleted from delegated inbox while using KOFF are permanently deleted instead of being moved to trash folder

  • Signed emails are always detected as with Attachments

  • Folder sharing not working over AD group

  • Attachment with long file name encoded in base64 crashes Kerio Connect

Version 9.3.1

Version 9.3.1 - Patch #2

Released: December 20, 2021

  • Apache log4j2 library upgrade to version 2.16.0 (fixing CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability)

Version 9.3.1 - Patch #1

Released: March 22, 2021

  • When email drafts are saved within Outlook via accounts setup with KOFF, the sender is saved as "Unknown" instead of the creator of the draft.

Version 9.3.1

Released: January 19, 2021

  • Unable to join MS teams meeting through Webmail Calendar
Version 9.3

Version 9.3 - Patch #2

Released: November 30, 2020

  • Event attachments in Russian filename looses filename after uploaded

  • Printing Attached Emails shows the Date of the Host Email Instead of the Attached Email

  • SSL Certificate becomes untrusted after upgrading to 9.3.0 (CentOS, RHEL)

  • AV Updates fail on CentOS, RHEL

  • Webmail Inbox Notifications for shared mailboxes where the user is not Owner.

Version 9.3 - Patch #1

Released: October 26, 2020

  • All-day Calendar event displayed on the previous day in some timezones

  • mailserver process crashes due to DKIM CheckSignaure (libdkimpp/libcrypto-kt.1.1)

  • On iOS via ActiveSync error is returned ParseCalendarContent: Unknown method: 6

  • Webmail crash with NestingLevel error

Version 9.3

Released: September 23, 2020

  • TLS 1.3 Support for HTTPS connections (EWS / ActiveSync / Web)

  • TLS 1.3 Support for IMAPS connections

  • TLS 1.3 Support for SMTPS connections

  • TLS 1.3 Support for POP3 connections

  • KoffRtfWrapper.exe process sometimes crashes

  • Update checker does not fallback to HTTP

  • User Office field is not synchronized from AD

  • CardDAV Sync not fully working with Shared Folders on Mac OSX

  • No desktop notification for INBOX subfolders

  • Webmail bug - Cannot open MS Teams link in webmail

  • AppleMail (EWS) crash when receiving an invite from Lotus Notes

  • Calendar event attachment field is always in English

  • Cannot change user public folder rights using a domain admin account

  • Error when editing multiple users at the same time

  • KOFF is unable to open resource as attached mailbox

  • Paperclip attachment icon disappears from outlook and webmail for emails with attachments

  • Attachment filter not blocking attachment

  • TLSv1.2 is not used for client connections by default

  • User in Outlook for Mac can create an all-day calendar event and it's synchronized with Webmail

  • Webmail - Send an email with an active long text footer

  • Webmail - Calendar attachments gets broken

  • Webmail - task due date changes when the page is reloaded

  • Webmail - Show more recipients in To: field does not work in the Czech language

  • Editing meetings in Outlook for Mac causes hyperlinks to double

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Version 9.2.12

Version 9.2.12

Released: March 11, 2020

  • Crash with KThreadPool errors macOS

  • Сannot install Kerio Connect Account Assistant in macOS Catalina

  • KEMT | Userlist is empty when using Exchange 2013 and 2016

  • Missing KOFF Account type because of Simplified Account Creation

  • eM Client: When trying to share calendar, an unnamed error pops up

  • Emails duplicated in a mailbox in certain scenarios

  • AV fails to update in macOS

  • Tasks are not synced anymore on iOS 13 with CalDAV

  • KEMT fails to connect to Exchange 2013

  • KOFF Unable to open the second shared folder (after upgrade)

  • KOFF does NOT fully sync Deleted items from shared folders to the server.

  • Kerberos to Active Directory authentication is not working on CentOS from mail client

  • Kerio Connect Exchange - Event invites stripping hyperlinks

Version 9.2.11

Version 9.2.11

Released: December 9, 2019

  • KOFF performance improvements for searching items. Benefits mainly x64 platforms

  • Open Java runtime is used for XMPP (repacing Oracle Java)

  • Kerio Connect fails to start if luks.container file is missing

  • Built-in Admin archive folder rights "checkbox" cannot be deactivated in Windows

  • BCC is ignored in emails sent via ActiveSync

  • A calendar invite from iCloud moves to another time

  • Cannot deactivate access to the archive for users

  • Chat is not working in Safari

  • Kerio Connect trims large notes with no warning

  • Delivery/Read receipts are not working with Outlook 2016/2019 Exchange ActiveSync profile

  • eM Client: When trying to share calendar, an unnamed error pops up

  • eM Client: When you want to upload a new distribution list on Kerio, error pops up and the upload won't be successful. Doesn't matter if you copy the list or create a new one.

  • Email attachments missing using outlook with KOC

  • GAL photos don't sync with AD

  • Kerio Connect webmail login form does not contain anti-CFR token (XSS)

  • Kerio Connect compatibility with The Bat! IMAP search

  • Outlook for Mac reverts back change to appointment date from series

  • Private Calendar Event's attachments are visible to all users

  • Public calendar link broken after renaming calendar via BusyCal (MacOS)

  • Reply messages contain extra strange numbers and characters

  • Report Problem and Technical Support buttons are not working

  • Secure Message signing does not work when the recipient is macOS Mojave Apple Mail

  • The message when an attachment is blocked is not displayed in KOFF

  • Timezone issue for Outlook 365 calendar invites

  • Title for New Contact group, New task, and New note is incorrect

  • When a user clicks to add extra disk space and Resizing Fails error occurs

  • LDAP custom search Filter returns unnecessary results

Version 9.2.10

Version 9.2.10

Released: July 31, 2019

  • Problem with sending emails from outlook after update to office version 1903 - 11425.20228

  • Calendar not syncing with Outlook for Windows- Active Sync connection

  • Mailbird client error failed to fetch emails

  • Public folder rights - Invalid value

  • Overview of shared sent items folder displays sender instead of the recipient address

  • Verify your Identity pop up when using webmail over HTTPS

  • Calendar events with Attachments causing issues with Active Sync synchronization

  • Dragging a contact from "To:" field to e-mail body doesn't work

  • LDAP Search no results when using non-standard fields

  • Digital signature from Kerio Connect Client is not accepted by Gmail

  • KOFF not loading correctly after upgrade to Outlook 1903 - 11425.20228

  • Mailbird hangs during account configuration

  • NMAP shows program name as Kerio

  • Prompt on encryption when there is not enough disk space

  • EWS: "DateTimeCreated" property is missing

  • Domain folder rights are showing Invalid value

Version 9.2.9

Version 9.2.9 - Patch #2

Released: July 19, 2019

  • Problem with sending emails from outlook after update to office version 1903 - 11425.20228

  • KOFF not loading correctly after upgrade to Outlook 1903 - 11425.20228

Version 9.2.9 - Patch #1

Released: April 23, 2019

  • WebMail Contacts auto-completion is not working for previously created entries

  • Finder is not responding MacOS 10.14

  • Email with attached (Nested) email message not showing in KOFF

  • LDAP-Replication gets only 200 contacts (configurable)

  • Remote images are shown by default (disabled via config)

Version 9.2.9

Released: April 2, 2019

  • Faster Contact List (webmail)

  • Faster Global Address List (GAL)

  • Added HTTP Security Headers

  • Calendar not syncing with Outlook 2016 (Windows) - Active Sync connection

  • Apple Mail (EWS) trying to sync deleted emails

  • Garbled text in Outlook 2016 when using emoji character

  • Mapping users from specific OU will break when editing the domain

  • Webmail is treating a specific calendar invite as a normal email

  • Incorrect PDF extension in Outlook 2016 and KOFF

  • PDF attachments are missing in KOFF

  • EWS Invalid GetItem response for meeting requests causing Mac Mail to crash

  • “Data encryption” text is partially missing

  • Cannot edit public contacts in MacOS 10.13 and 10.14 with Account Assistant

  • Mapping users from a specific OU will break when editing the domain

  • All day calendar events created in webmail span two days in KOFF in Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (Polish edition)

  • WebEx invitation is not triggering calendar entry

  • Invitee's free/busy info mismatch in webmail and CalDAV client

  • Missing "DateTimeCreated" property

  • ActiveSync Incorrect HTTP status code Provisioning

  • Spam tag issue Outlook

  • Broken link in the Instant Messaging page

  • Extra line space added when email is viewed in webmail

  • Added EWS support for EM Client and MailBird

Version 9.2.8

Version 9.2.8 - Patch #1

Released: January 31, 2019

  • Webmail Edit as New is causing webmail crash

  • Getting "Too many recipients" error after upgrading to 9.2.8

  • Kerio Connect crashes when Max number of recipients is reached

  • Mailing List should not be affected by Max recipients

  • External calendar invitations disappearing after accepting in Outlook for Mac 16.20

  • PDF attachments are missing in KOFF 9.2.8

  • Reply to an email sent on behalf of a user is delivered to the delegate

Version 9.2.8

Released: December 26, 2018 

  • Support for Mac OS Mojave

  • Support for Outlook 2019

  • Apple 10.13.1 Mail crash after - GetItem: Item #423: FAILED, Item was not processed due to a previous error., error code=14

  • Calendar not syncing with Outlook 2016 (Windows) - Active Sync connection

  • Out-of-Office response not sent when a move to folder rule is enabled against the sender

  • Sending S/MIME encrypted mail from Kerio Connect Web Client results in some servers refusing the message with "Error 501: Line too long" in response to DATA

  • Activesync: Marking a flag as complete does not show completed in other clients

  • Apple Mail (EWS) trying to sync deleted emails

  • Autodiscover wrongly generated when using custom HTTPS port

  • The chat server isn't showing proper SSL Certificate

  • Inconsistent behavior when replying to an email with a delegation.

  • Improve Encryption partition creation time and safety

  • Encrypted data is not removed during full uninstallation

  • Kerio Connect Client "send to email client" not working

  • Error in log ActiveSync MailData::ReadFromWBXml: Unknown Application data ID: 0x0219

  • Kerio Account assistant hangs when configuring Outlook for Mac

  • Cannot send to Exchange (or O365) user when Exchange (or O365) + KOFF account is added in Outlook

  • Kerio Connect Web Client does not show unread items in the title

  • Max. number of recipients in a message not working with KOFF

  • Mac OS X mail Exchange is adding text as attachments

  • Serbia country code for Certificate Request is incorrect

  • Incorrect translation for Kerio Connect Client GUI (Croation)

  • Sieve Script error when opening KOFF options

  • SPF Connect should not block email on SOFT FAIL

Version 9.2.7

Version 9.2.7 - Patch #3

Released: September 20, 2018

  • Improvements in EWS operations

  • Answering recurring event makes organizer attendee on IOS

  • Multiple instances of avserver process

  • Too many opened HTTP connections

  • Missing attachment error in Webmail after waiting some time

  • The first startup gives unknown IP addresses, from other Network class. instead of from DHCP

  • Out-of-Office response not sent when a move to folder rule is enabled against the sender

  • Mailserver process crashes because of corrupted metadata dbb and dbo files

  • Sending S/MIME encrypted mail from Kerio Connect Web Client results in some servers refusing the message with "Error 501: Line too long" in response to DATA

  • Brisbane Time zone event creation issue iCal/Mac Calendar issue

  • Kerio Connect Web Client does not show unread items in the title

  • Kerio Connect Web Client Email Preview should not update page title

  • ActiveSync Calendar events move to the date when the invite is accepted

Version 9.2.7 - Patch #2

Released: July 31, 2018

  • Kerio Connect Appliance fails to upgrade to 9.2.7

  • Meeting organizer does not see updated status on iOS ActiveSync

  • Attachments cannot be added to calendar events

Version 9.2.7 - Patch #1

Released: July 24, 2018

  • Changed to Exchange ActiveSync 14 due to iOS compatibility issues

  • Cryptosetup version 1.2.0 to support centos6 and Debian wheezy

  • Unable to disable encryption in certain situations

  • Shared domain calendars cannot be modified (Outlook on Mac)

  • Setting up a meeting from iOS with ActiveSync does not send invitations (includes re-invites)

  • Unable to add an attachment to the event in a calendars

  • Unable to set license on Linux when Encryption is enabled

  • Unable to upgrade Kerio Connect on VMware Virtual Appliance

  • Debian APT was being changed to Buster

  • AV Update can cause mailflow to stop

Version 9.2.7

Released: June 4, 2018

Kerio Connect 9.2.7 includes security enhancements to allow encryption of personal and sensitive data collected and stored by the product.

  • Added support for encrypting personal and sensitive data on Linux installations

  • ActiveSync All Day event issue on iOS

  • Manually created CalDAV accounts can't add invitees

  • Crash due to malformed email (To, Cc, Bcc, From) in Drafts from emails in ActiveSync

  • ActiveSync created events not displaying in Outlook

  • Maximum number of Recipients ignored ActiveSync

  • Maximum number of Recipients ignored WebMail/HTTP

  • Restore deleted emails

  • Show more results calendar search

  • Fix to Windows Timezones

  • Windows 10 Calendar event now showing in WebMail

  • Webmail unable to get focus on the body after removing the recipient from the list

  • Unable to download chat or XMPP Archives

  • Memory leak in tinydb_get_item_maybe_raw

Version 9.2.6

Version 9.2.6 - Patch #2

Released: May 3, 2018

  • Kerio Connect Account Assistant hang on Mac OS X Sierra (10.13)

  • Memory leaks on CentOS

Version 9.2.6 - Patch #1

Released: April 23, 2018

  • Kerio Connect Account Assistant hang on Mac OS X Sierra (10.13)

  • Error when dismissing reminders in Chrome 64

  • Several timezones are detected incorrectly by Connect Server

  • Kerio Connect Crashing after upgrade to 9.2.6

Version 9.2.6

Released: March 28, 2018

Kerio Connect 9.2.6 brings support for the latest version of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), added support for MacOS High Sierra, and various customer reported fixes.

  • Support for Exchange ActiveSync 16

  • ActiveSync 16: Syncing the Drafts Folder

  • ActiveSync 16: Calendar Attachments

  • The delete button is not available in Context menu of WebMail

  • Calendar event deleted from webmail remains on iOS device

  • Fails to parse request from iPhone when the location is given

  • created from WebMail are not getting synchronized to Calendar application on certain setup

  • Connect Sync app on Android does not Sync in a certain configuration

  • Timezone detected for (UTC +01:00) on Windows

  • Send to Mail recipient from Windows Explorer context menu does not work

  • Kerio Connect Account Assistant hang on Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13)Emails containing images with a link to another URL is opened incorrectly (MacOS)

  • Slow HTTP POST vulnerability

  • XSS Vulnerability

  • AV fails to scan when it detects a special character

  • Telephone number fields are not properly synced from AD for GAL Contacts

  • High Reference Count - EWS Error in Log

  • PDF attachments are converted to .bin for some emails

  • Crash in Apple Mail after receiving an error message from Kerio Connect

  • Bayes is not able to re-learn the message

  • Kerio Connect: Email Search by Number - Size in search box not correctly displayed

  • Kerio Connect: Email Search by Number - Time in search box not correctly displayed

  • Kerio Connect vCard does not escape the semicolon in phone numbers

  • Windows 10 Calendar Event not displaying in WebMail

  • AntiSpam SMTP greeting delay doesn't apply to Secure SMTP

  • Sub-folder in Sent Folder displays Emails Sender Address in Kerio Connect Client

  • Process crash after a timeout when stopping busy service

  • IM: Long incoming message is not scrolling on top

  • Unable to select any font style other than Aerial and Default

  • Responses from attendees are not removed from CalInbox when an event is changed

  • Domain name in Connect can't contain multiple dashes in sequence

  • Click on desktop notification should not change the position of New messages marker

  • Default avatar changes after updating contact and refreshing

  • Error after moving lots of contacts between two folders

  • Drag and drop email from "to" to "email body" is buggy

  • Shrink inline images to the viewport

  • Default timezone set according to the browser, not server settings

  • Spell checker: It's not possible to fix words that are in front of a special character

  • It's possible to remove the last user with admin rights

  • Updated Boost to improve html2plain conversion

  • Issue when uploading filename with invalid characters in the name

  • Strange character in webmail causes email not to be displayed

  • General fixes and improvements

Version 9.2.5

Version 9.2.5 - Patch #3

Released: September 28, 2017

  • Fixed issues with Kerio Antivirus

Version 9.2.5 - Patch #2

Released: September 27, 2017

  • Fixed issue with installer on Windows

Version 9.2.5 - Patch #1

Released: September 26, 2017

  • Fixed issue with upgrading from older versions

Version 9.2.5

Released: September 22, 2017

  • Cursor goes to the bottom when replying to email in Firefox

  • Errors with webmail interface

  • Account Assistant for macOS incorrectly configures account causing password prompts

  • Javascript files take long time to load- Account Assistant, multiple shared accounts, Contacts app

  • FORGED_YAHOO_RCVD is evaluated incorrectly and flags messages originating from valid Yahoo servers

  • FORGED_MUA_MOZILLA spam assassin rule is not correctly evaluated or is too aggressive

  • NO_RDNS_DOTCOM_HELO is evaluated incorrectly and marks messages originating from servers with reverse DNS

  • Links are rendered incorrectly in Kerio Connect 9.2.4

  • Opened folders Bug

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Version 9.2.4

Version 9.2.4

Released: July 11, 2017

Kerio Connect 9.2.4 is a maintenance release that provides fixes, and adds support for Windows Server 2016

  • Add support for Windows Server 2016

  • Kerio Connect in Perth timezone incorrectly detects timezone

  • Kerio Connect Engine doesn't work on MacOS

  • TNEF decoder corrupts whole email if signed

  • Last login is not updated in user statistics

  • Message opened in KOFF in extra Window reports MAPI Error Message Outlook 0x00040680 MAPI_W_PARTIAL_COMPLETION when deleted in other client

  • Print view is shifted by one hour in Calendar print view

  • Some events appear in Webmail bit not in Outlook using KOFF connector

  • Links are rendered incorrectly in Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect Client

  • Kerio Connect client does not allow email with single-letter domain

  • XSS vulnerability in email preview with links containing "mailto:" and "http://"

  • UI redressing / CSS injection vulnerability with body *link attributes

  • XSS vulnerability in email preview with body attributes

  • Right click links containing credential fires error on IE/Edge

  • Copy/Paste from Excel into Contacts fails to separate items

Version 9.2.3

Version 9.2.3

Released: April 27, 2017

Kerio Connect

  • Fixed updating of Kerio Antivirus if update directory or downloaded update files are held by another process.

  • Fixed rare interruption of upgrade process when upgrading from Kerio Connect 9.1 and older.

  • Fixed potential stability problem during instant messaging (XMPP) server initialization.

  • Some meeting responses to invitations could not be successfully sent from devices with iOS 10.3 using Exchange ActiveSync.

Kerio Connect Client

  • Fixed CVE-2017-7440 (CWE-693) vulnerability.

Kerio Connect Client application for Mac and Windows

  • Fixed CVE-2017-7440 (CWE-693) vulnerability.

Kerio Connect Administration

  • Fixed Japanese translation.