Hi it's Julia from GFI. I'm here today with William our GFI FaxMaker specialist. William's going to be talking us through the GFI FaxMaker installation process.

A quick question. Are there any specific operating systems that are required for you to be able to install GFI FaxMaker on?

As long as you're running Windows seven Pro or higher or Windows eight Pro or higher you going to be fine from a desktop class operating system and from a server class it's got to be Windows 2003 or higher and you will be just fine.

Okay that's lovely and to say if you'd like to talk us through the actual installation process?

Right at this stage you've already received your welcome email for the product together with your license key so we're gonna run ahead and install FaxMaker running the installer. Select the language within which would like to install GFI FaxMaker and FaxMaker will configure all the components with just a very few questions. FaxMaker has got two main components one is the FaxMaker server and the remote monitor. The remote monitor is gonna to be installed on the main FaxMaker machine to allow users to connect to that remotely to monitor being in machine which is separate from the server itself.

Right. It's going to ask us where we'd like to install the FaxMaker components for the IIS configuration. We're gonna leave that as default FaxMaker for this case. And we're gonna enter user with administrative privileges to be able to start the services at a later stage during the installation. FaxMaker here is installing all the components required to configure IIS for the new web components.

It's a very smooth and fast system, isn't it?

Yes, the installer contains all the pieces which are required to avoid the Requirement of installation media and similar items. The proprietry GFI FaxMaker printer is also gonna be installed during this phase. And installation is now complete and it's going to take us into the configuration wizard to run through the items we'd like to configure FaxMaker to actually get things going. We're gonna configure FaxMaker for use using SMTP POP3 is still valid nowadays but hardly used so we're going to stick to the defaults. And over here the user has to enter the mail server with which FaxmMaker is going to communicates to be able to send and receive the faxes when they are sent via mailing systems.

I'm going to specify if it is a secure method or which method is required according to the mail administrators configuration. The country within which the installation is being done for the country prefix over here. And we're going to specify which device or method or transport if you like is going to be used for FaxMaker to communicate with the external world to receive and send faxes we're going to use the GFI proprietary online faxing system for this.

I want to specified the mailbox information Proceed with the installation. Over here we've got myself as the main user the user I set myself earlier and we can additional users as you go ahead or you can add them in the configuration later on.

We could test the communication we've just set out and FaxMakers is now starting the services with the username and password which we specified during the first stage over the installation. Services are now started and configuration is ready to go. FaxMaker will now launch the startup wizard as well as the configuration for the server administrator to start configuring all the other details they would like to go into. Brilliant fast and simple thank you very much William.

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