Our businesses do great things for our customers every day with focused database marketing as well as trigger based programs. We also do digital wide format and offset printing for industry.

We started looking for an online fax solution because I T departments in this day and age are overburdened with old technology and trying to make the best of cost reduction. GFI FaxMaker Online allowed us to eliminate fax machines, paper, toner, service contracts and the maintenance of these systems and brought a quick and easy solution for our employees.

The switch to GFI FaxMaker allowed Compu-Mail to do fantastic things. When we doubled in size and acquired another local company we immediately put GFI FaxMaker Online in their organization replacing three phone lines, three fax machines a whole slew of toners and the staff really enjoyed this first IT integration.

We heard about GFI FaxMaker Online through our preferred reseller Zones and we were able to do a pre sales demo that allowed us to see how great this product was. They walked us through every scenario giving us a comfortable feeling that this was the right product for our companies. They worked with us every step of the way to get our users created our fax numbers migrated and got the system up and running in no time.

The value that GFI FaxMaker Online brings to our organization is quick and easy faxes right from the end user’s desktop without having to leave to walk to a fax machine, to send a fax, to worry if there's paper, to worry if the fax machine is broken or down, our staff members really enjoyed this product. They're pulling network resources for Word docs, Excel docs and PDFs and simply attaching them to the fax sending safely and securely with this automated tool. Faxing will never be a dead technology there's many industries that rely on faxing every day. Our customers being in medical as well as financial require a safe way to exchange data back and forth.

The technical benefits of GFI FaxMaker Online is really boils down to one word, simplicity. Our staff members have a quick and simple product to exchange information securely with our customers. Many IT departments will tell you that new systems being rolled in any organizations is scary and painful. The good news is GFI FaxMaker Online set us up for success with a quick and easy transition and training was a breeze because everybody is familiar with their mail client.

Working with the team at GFI has been an enjoyable experience for my point of view as the IT manager. Whether it was pre-sales, demoing the software, the sales process or the integration the team around GFI FaxMaker Online were fantastic to work with. Compu-Mail and Dual Print & Mail are making efforts to save the environment. From our choices of products, and our consumables, ink and paper, as well as our Solar Initiative and recycling program we're trying to do our part for the environment. GFI FaxMaker Online helps us meet that vision by saving paper toner and electricity and meet our corporate standards for being green. Also in that administration portal there's a tree and that tree grows for every piece of paper that we save. GFI FaxMaker Online lets us know, through a corky little tree on our admin portal that we're saving the environment.

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