Need to reduce the cost of faxing in your business? Need a simpler way to give your employees all the fax capabilities they need and send and receive faxes on the go? You can do it all for less with GFI FaxMaker Online. Send and receive faxes from all of your devices, anywhere, any time. You’ll reduce business costs and improve productivity.

With GFI FaxMaker Online you can: Send faxes straight from any PC or device. Employees no longer need to leave their desks and stand by the fax machine. Just hit ‘Send,’ continue working, and get fax delivery updates straight to your inbox. Your productivity will skyrocket. You’ll save hundreds of wasted working hours, and you’ll make sure your faxes are only seen by authorized recipients.

You can scale your fax solution alongside your business growth. New employees can start using GFI FaxMaker Online right away. You control who has access. Simply add new users and departments as required. You can also edit, suspend or remove them. It only takes a few moments to scale up or down. You’ll also save money because our pricing plan scales with your business. You can meet your business’s environmental goals.

With GFI FaxMaker Online, you don’t need to print every fax you send and receive. And there are no fax machines or consumables to buy or use up. It’s a planet-friendly solution, that helps reduce your impact on the environment whilst lower your costs. You’ll know exactly how well you’re doing with GFI FaxMaker Online because the estimated number of trees you’ve saved is shown in the dashboard.

You can send a fax as easily as sending an email. Just create a new fax message and add the recipient's number to the ‘To’ field, type a message for your custom fax cover page and attach the documents you want to fax. That’s it – your fax is ready to go. You can also use the mobile application or the desktop client. It really is as easy as it sounds. Because GFI FaxMaker Online does the rest for you. You get the simplest solution for your paper-free faxing needs.

GFI FaxMaker Online is ideal if you want to avoid the complexity of running your own server environment. It runs in the cloud, so everything is managed for you. All you need is an internet-connected device. So you never have to worry about hardware, maintenance or upgrades. More than 12.5 million users are already saving time and money with GFI’s faxing solutions.

Here’s what they’re saying. Switching to GFI FaxMaker was quick, painless and a huge cost saver for our organization. Users can send and receive faxes through a familiar email interface wherever they are. It is the finest fax server software on the planet as far as I am concerned. Make faxing smarter and simpler today, with GFI FaxMaker Online.Your employees will have the freedom to send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere. You’ll reduce hardware and printing costs with no costly investment required.

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