What's new in GFI AppManager

The latest version of GFI AppManager introduces a wide range of updates, including performance improvements, UI enhancements, and additional configuration options. If you have any product feedback or suggestions, please use this form to share your thoughts with us.

Version 1.23

Released: July 4, 2024

  • Made PSK field optional for existing VPN tunnels and ensured it appears as filled dots for edits.
  • Fixed refresh issue in the time range dialog under Advanced Options - Software Updates.
  • Resolved issue where Active devices graph only shows 7 days data despite selecting a larger timeframe.
  • Fixed issues where Addresses - Automatic login fields and Preferences - Web content scanning options were not saved.
  • Display and search now support more than 200 user accounts in Kerio Connect through AppManager.
  • Changed the name of the "dialog" window to "Add IP address" for better clarity.
  • Updated status icons and texts for normal, failed, not working, and disabled states in the example organization.
  • Fixed issue preventing user selection in the list.
  • Resolved issue where added IP addresses were not showing in the IP Address Group.
New features:
  • 24-Hour Access: This feature allows for a temporary invite, granting access for 24 hours. After this period, the invited user's access will automatically expire, and their account will be disabled. Upon attempting to log in, the user will see a message indicating that their access has expired.
  • 2FA Access: This feature allows for the enforcement of two-factor authentication (2FA) for specific users. Users for whom 2FA is enabled will not be able to access AppManager until they set up 2FA. Additionally, this feature can assist users who are locked out due to 2FA issues by allowing administrators to disable their 2FA setup directly from AppManager.

Version 1.22

Released: June 28, 2024

  • Fixed an issue with VPN tunnel interface addition due to remote certificate detection failure.
  • Corrected the duplication of "Enable weekly limit" to "Enable monthly limit" in the Transfer Quota section.
  • Resolved a Linux agent installer overwrite issue, preventing the old installer from remaining permanently.
  • Fixed an installation error for Kerio Connect on Ubuntu 23.
  • Resolved an issue preventing new user addition from AppManager in control appliances.
  • Added the ability to show SMB users for MSP organizations.
  • Display invited users and allow extra actions such as changing the assigned account, deleting, disabling, resending invites, and resetting passwords.


Version 1.21

Released: June 15, 2024

  • MAC addresses were not displaying correctly in GFI AppManager.
  • Resolved MTU value synchronization between AppManager and Kerio Control unit.
  • Fixed constant reloading issues when editing certificates in AppManager. 
  • Corrected content in the Agent tab to refer to the GFI KerioControl appliance.

Version 1.20

Released: June 8, 2024

GFI AppManager 1.20 introduces several bug fixes, performance optimizations, and a new dashboard chart for GFI KerioConnect. This version was released on June 8, 2024, together with GFI agent 1.2.87.

  • Resolved issue with KerioConnect appliances losing connectivity
  • Fixed issue with alerts not getting triggered when using the AND operator
  • Resolved alert creation issues
  • Fixed alert false positive issues
  • Removed duplicate monitors
  • Ability to add a KerioControl active connection (conversation from status/active connections) to an IP address group or to an existing firewall traffic rule
  • Ability to add Geo IP groups to shared definitions IP Address groups which can be then used in Firewall rules to block specific traffic (only compatible with Kerio Control 9.4.5 and later)
  • Update alert status to show as Inactive if no appliances have been added
  • RADAR updates including improved dashboards and ability to mark anomalies as Not an Anomaly (with feedback)

For more details on the new IP management capabilities in GFI KerioControl via GFI AppManager, click here.

Version 1.19

Released: 25 May, 2024

GFI AppManager 1.19 was released together with GFI agent 1.2.86.

  • GFI KerioControl - Traffic Rules showing values for the Translation column
  • GFI KerioControl - Traffic Rules displaying CIDR IP Addresses correctly
  • Alerts no longer generating notifications repeatedly while in alert state
  • Additional fixes for notifications
  • GFI KerioControl - Invalid UTF-8 characters in winroute.cfg breaks GFI AppManager connectivity
  • GFI KerioControl - Traffic Rules can be saved after Translation settings are changed
  • Alerts - Enabling / disabling correctly working while non-default sorting is applied
  • Optimized database usage
  • Optimized appliance information and health reporting
  • MSP organizations are now able to delete OR Unlink accounts
  • GFI KerioConnect
  • New Active Mailboxes dashboard chart

Version 1.18

Released: 11 May, 2024

  • Optimized performance for accounts and account page load
  • Authenticated sessions are maintained for 24 hours at least
  • Appliances are rebalancing periodically between internal management networks for the best performance
  • General performance optimizations
  • GFI KerioConnect - Able to forward to external email addresses
  • RADAR Anomalies are working on production (internal)
  • RADAR anomaly processing is disabled for organizations without RADAR enabled (internal)
  • Database gets properly populated with correct appliance counts on every headscale network (internal)
  • Changing Directory Service settings from GFI AppManager may break LDAP configuration
  • Organizations with many appliances cannot list backups in AppManager. Retrieval is temporarily limited to the latest 10 backups per every appliance.



Version 1.17

Released: 27 Apr, 2024

  • GFI KerioControl: Traffic Rules drop-downs not showing correctly under Firefox
  • GFI KerioControl: Traffic Rules - Unselect All link working correctly
  • GFI KerioControl: Traffic Rules - Uniform casing for buttons
  • GFI KerioControl: Accounting and Monitoring - Data Gathering and Access to Statistics data validations added


Version 1.16

Released: 13 Apr, 2024

  • Optimized authentication keys clean-up in databases
  • Improved error handling for metrics collections


Version 1.15

Released: 06 Apr, 2024

  • Heavily optimized metrics reporting
  • GFI KerioConnect - GFI Agent installer binary copied during installation on MacOS, allowing Agent auto-upgrades
  • GFI KerioControl - Traffic Rules default view hides non-important columns for a more proper display on lower resolution screens
  • Generic chart improvements and standardized display units
  • Proper display of IP Address and URL texts across the product UI
  • GFI KerioControl - Unable to configure VPN tunnels via AppManager
  • Charts to not always display proper date / time range after a page refresh
  • Health checks sometimes does not complete fast during new appliance registration


Version 1.14

Released: 16 March, 2024

New features:
  •  GFI KerioConnect - Ability to update license key and registration info
  • GFI KerioControl - redesigned firewall rules management
  • GFI Agent no longer sending usage statistics by default and can be enabled on demand
  • Potential GFI Agent crashes
  • Health checks not completing well randomly on new appliance registration
  • GFI KerioControl - Privacy policy link corrected
  • MyKerio migration errors fixed when large amount of definitions are migrated
  • GFI KerioConnect - Configuration - Services select all checkbox not working
  • GFI KerioConnect - License Tab not loading for trial license keys


Version 1.13

Released: March 9, 2024

  • Optimized authentication token management
  • Optimized indexing within internal databases
  • GFI AppManager Feedback button leading to dedicated customer support page
  • Shared Definitions IP Address field names corrections
  • Proper internal exceptions handling when data is formatted incorrectly
  • GFI KerioConnect
  • GFI Agent not started after automatic upgrade on Linux
  • GFI Agent not detecting problems on management network connectivity
  • Fixes for potential GFI Agent crashes
  • New users registered failing to load AppManager pages


Version 1.12

Released: March 2, 2024

New features:
  • GFI KerioControl and KerioConnect Debug Logs logging messages are configurable
  • GFI KerioControl Debug Logs allow clearing logs, packet logging and general configuration
  • Agent auto-upgrade can be disabled via configuration
  • Updated server-side components for internal network management
  • Optimized shared definitions synchronization to appliances
  • Optimized internal database connections
  • Optimized alerts creation
  • Optimized appliance data retrieval
  • Optimized synchronization mechanisms in the backend
  • Notifications - Account column shows no values
  • Alerts - Notifications - Select all checkbox not working
  • GFI KerioControl disabled users not shown properly
  • GFI KerioControl DHCP Scope Exhausted alert getting triggered while conditions are not met
  • Verification email not received after new user registration
  • Charts are not getting populated with data on initial page load

Version 1.11

Released: February 19, 2024

New features:
  • Product version information displayed in device summary
  • GFI KerioConnect - GFI Agent logs added to the management UI
  • Enhanced GFI Agent logging during registration
  • Enhanced load balancing on appliance joining internal management networks
  • Updated client-side module for internal management network connectivity
  • Backups default sorting is by date/time in descending order
  • Heavily improved metrics processing via parallelization and fast appliance data caching
  • GFI KerioControl appliance registration not working
  • GFI KerioControl License Usage (FWaaS) chart not showing correct values
  • GFI Appliance sometimes reported healthy after removal from GFI AppManager
  • GFI KerioConnect shared definitions - URL Groups showing synchronized incorrectly


Version 1.10

Released: January 13, 2024

  • Scaling and performance improvements on agent - AppManager server communication (Requires the latest agent version 1.2.50)
  • Optimized agent health reporting
  • Enhanced charts 
  • Accounts are sorted alphabetically
  • New left-side menu icons
  • AppManager news icon is highlighted to the user when unread news exists
  • Deleted appliances do not send data to the server anymore and properly show disconnected status in the product UI

Version 1.9

Released: November 29, 2023

  • Optimized GFI AppManager notification table in the database for better performance
  • Debug logs do not contain licensing-related messages anymore, except when the license is already expired
  • Improved DKIM configured for safer email delivery from within GFI AppManager
  • Improved appliance registration flow into GFI AppManager
  • Agents' health statuses are updated on the server with priority
  • Appliances appear offline and are not manageable
  • Various IP Address groups not migrated properly from MyKerio into GFI AppManager
  • GFI KerioControl: Default firewall rule action not properly synchronized from GFI AppManager to the appliance
  • GFI KerioControl: UI drop-down borders were too thick

Version 1.8

Released: October 26, 2023

  • AppRunner performance improvements 
  • Optimized internal database for speed improvement
  • Optimized refreshing of the home and account pages
  • Reworked GFI Agent auto-update process, enabling agent update even from faulty states.
  • Heavily optimized headscale to support a large number of active nodes
  • GFI KerioControl - Status > Active Host: Column values not matching Legacy UI
  • GFI KerioControl - Configuration > DNS: Unable to save custom DNS Forwarding

Version 1.7

Released: October 9, 2023

  • GFI KerioControl - Optimized data retrieval appliances for host-based real-time traffic charts
  • Button text is not visible except on mouseover
  • Improved error handling on migration from MyKerio
  • GFI KerioControl - Configuration - Interfaces: Missing Dial and Disable function

Version 1.6

Released: September 22, 2023

New features:
  • All accounts and account pages are refreshing and showing updated health statuses for appliances
  • Improved the loading speed of appliance groups
  • GFI KerioControl and GFI KerioConnect logs management: Searches are performed on the entire content
  • GFI KerioConnect: Extended filtering options for columns in UI
  • GFI KerioControl: Ability to change GRO settings on every interface directly from AppManager UI
  • Migration from MyKerio also supports 2FA
  • Enhanced GFI Agent upgrade capability
  • Customizable AppManager News page
  • Improved logging around potential failures when registering appliances
  • Organizations always have a friendly display name
  • Shared definitions tabs are showing the correct filters
  • Alert metrics are ordered alphabetically
  • Register and edit appliances do not accept empty names
  • Account Overview Page - Edit Appliance Dialog fails to populate account name drop-down
  • Security fix: Password getting printed in Logs during MyKerio Migration
  • More accurate data on GFI KerioControl traffic charts
  • Fixed email notification not received after MyKerio migration
  • GFI KerioControl: Show traffic button can be used
  • GFI KerioControl: Unable to make changes to the WAN interface when IPv6 is enabled
  • GFI KerioControl: Register appliance from AppManager "Add Appliance" feature fixed
  • Appliances not being able to register sometimes
  • GFI KerioControl: Interfaces configuration wizard sometimes looping
  • GFI KerioControl: Definitions - Services Menu - Fix for error that the service already exists when editing a service group
  • GFI KerioControl: Antivirus - Kerio Antivirus: Update Progress shown correctly
  • GFI KerioControl: Update license input validated correctly
  • GFI KerioControl: Appliance does not have increased memory consumption in certain scenarios when used with GFI AppManager
  • GFI KerioControl: Status - Active Hosts - Histogram chart shows no data when a longer timeframe is selected

Version 1.5

Released: August 10, 2023

New features:
  • Definitions can now be imported from MyKerio
  • White labeling for MSPs is available
  • GFI KerioControl and GFI KerioConnect columns filtering added on multiple pages
  • The user invitation screen is extended with information on the currently joined account, as well as the possibility to log out
  • Alerts allow including account groups
  • GFI KerioControl and GFI KerioConnect dashboards top-level summary layouts have been optimized
  • UI enhancements on Definition and Users pages
  • New pre-canned alerts to notify before the product license expiry
General fixes:
  • Pages with more data and pagination occurring display correctly all available options within the filters
  • Appliances can be removed from GFI AppManager even if they are online, including the list view
  • Fixed incorrect “Expiring soon” accounts count on the Accounts page
  • Alerts - Notifications: The Account drop-down now shows the correct accounts
  • Alerts - Notifications tab may crash under certain conditions
  • The account tile shown in red only if any appliance is offline
GFI KerioControl fixes:
  • GFI KerioControl - Unable to change certificate in some areas
  • GFI KerioControl and GFI KerioConnect logs cover a wider date/time range (similar to the legacy product UI)
  • GFI KerioControl license expiry notifications contain complete details within GFI AppManager
  • GFI KerioControl - Importing a backup from GFI AppManager is not working
  • Uniform severity levels used across all the pages (High, Medium, Low)
  • GFI KerioControl - Intrusion Prevention Update Now button - Database version field does not auto-refresh after updating
  • GFI KerioControl - Intrusion Prevention - Add Rule window Description input field can be edited
  • GFI KerioControl - Content Filter - Safe Web - Input field editable when the Enable Forbidden words filtering checkbox is not selected
  • GFI KerioControl - Security Settings - Spaces are not trimmed in the Description field of Add MAC Address window
  • GFI KerioControl - Proxy Server - Port input field missing
  • GFI KerioControl - Intrusion Prevention - Link to the IPS test not working
  • Some GFI KerioControl charts not showing data for periods larger than 7 days
  • GFI KerioControl - Page columns can be filtered
  • GFI KerioControl - Interfaces - VPN Server: The fingerprint field is blank
  • GFI KerioControl - Agent logs not loading
GFI KerioConnect fixes:
  • GFI KerioConnect mailbox backups are disabled for now, as causing the deletion of local backup files if backup upload to GFI AppManager fails
  • GFI KerioConnect - The log settings modal is not showing up

Version 1.4

Released: July 11, 2023

New features:
  • Redesigned top-level and product dashboards
  • Showing direct management link for appliances
General fixes:
  • Appliances stop sending metrics to GFI AppManager in some cases
  • Shared definitions are deleted without checking the references for the cases in which they are applied
  • Uninstalled appliance still shows as green
  • Appliances could not be removed from GFI AppManager in case they are still online
  • Pages load performance has improved
  • Highlighting in the logs is not available
  • Appliances could not be removed from the product UI
  • Pages icon and title missing
  • A browser refresh is needed for an appliance to disappear from the page when deleted
  • Issues in loading the Alerts page
  • Issues with the Download to CSV feature
GFI KerioControl fixes:
  • Importing backup is not working in some cases
  • Issues with login page customization
  • Upgrade using Binary file functionality stuck in uploading
  • Some features for Users and Groups > Users are not available
  • Filtering drop-downs are not working in Alerts > Notifications
  • GFI AppManager management link in the product UI is broken
  • Upgrade from the URL field is always required in Advanced Options
  • IPv6 addresses are not shown on High Availability Settings
  • Newly created time ranges do not appear on the drop-down in Configuration > Interfaces: Edit buttons
  • Incorrect Values format in Status > VPN Clients table
  • The disconnect is missing in Status > VPN Clients
  • Blank details in Configuration > Interfaces > IPSec and Kerio VPN Interfaces
  • Missing functionality in Status > User Statistics
  • IPv6 column still shows value even if it is disabled on the Interfaces page
  • Unable to Create a new certificate in Definitions > SSL Certificates
  • VLANs are not added to the table after saving in Configuration > Interfaces
  • Shared Definitions are missing in some cases
GFI KerioConnect fixes:
  • Remove from AppManager is not available in the product UI

Version 1.3

Released: June 26, 2023

New features:
  • GFI AppManager:
    • New GFI KerioControl configuration option for easy toggling of DDoS protection via GFI AppManager
  • GFI KerioControl 9.4.3 Beta:
    • GFI AppManager support
    • UEFI support
    • VPN Client for MacOS supports modern MacOS versions using Network-extensions
    • VPN Client for MacOS is now supported on both Intel, M1 and M2 silicon
  • GFI KerioConnect 10.0.2 Beta:
    • GFI AppManager support
  • GFI AppManager:
    • Reduced Logs folder size for GFI KerioConnect
    • Option to alert before the license is going to expire
    • Delete confirmation dialog is added to Secondary pages
    • General UI performance
    • Visual indicator for Select row is added in GFI KerioControl Active Connections
    • On-click update of Connection information in GFI KerioControl Active Connections
    • The alert list has the latest record on the top
    • The save log option is added to Logs Management
    • GFI AppManager notification service for email delivery via GFI AppManager
  • GFI KerioConnect 10.0.2 Beta:
    • New BitDefender bdcore library support
    • 2FA statuses for users now displaying within the product UI
  • GFI AppManager:
    • Users unable to join an organization in some cases
    • Manual GFI KerioControl upgrade with the Binary file stuck sometimes
    • License expiry alerts triggered improperly
    • Issues of Define traffic policy in GFI KerioControl Configuration Assistant
    • Processes proper clean-up
    • Some fields in GFI KerioControl Configuration can be added with empty name
    • Error Loading Page fixed: Error in Executing Method xxxxxxx: Failed to Fetch
    • Edit button is missing in GFI KerioControl Interfaces page
    • Filter criteria selected are displayed on the Home page and the main page
    • GFI KerioControl Configuration Backup links are fixed in Remote Services
    • Safari cannot be used to perform a clean install of GFI KerioConnect
    • User information is not displayed on the profile page
    • Custom date ranges save in the date picker
  • GFI KerioControl 9.4.3 Beta:
    • Checksum error messages
    • Default IKE protocol versions for IPSec VPN tunnel changed from IKEv1 to IKE
    • OS information found under Web Admin > Status > VPN Clients is not accurate
    • Slow loading of some websites on 9.4.2 patch 1 with QUIC
    • WiFi not working on NG100W and NG300W boxes in some cases after the upgrade to 9.4.2 p1
    • 9.4.2p1 RADIUS authentication doesn't allow selecting a certificate and provides an 'ubuntu' cert instead
    • NG510/NG511 Device display is blank after upgrade to 9.4.2p1
    • After 9.4.2 Upgrade Hyper-V Appliance showing interface details as "Legacy Network Adapter"
    • Time mismatch for UTC+13 TimeZone
    • Wrong Czech translations of some pages
    • Fix for Brasilian Time Zone (UTC -03:00 Brasilia) due to incorrect DST recognition
    • DoS Attack Vulnerability generated by Protocol renegotiation on ports 4081 and 4090 (VPN)
  • GFI KerioConnect 10.0.2 Beta:
    • After an upgrade, the Virtual Appliance console is not operational and cannot see network interfaces
    • Problems in handling umlaut characters in OOO (Out of Office) editor in Outlook for Mac
    • The calendar is not updated in WebMail when the external attendee sends a response to an invitation that
    • contains an .ics file
    • Updates for the description field to public calendar event do not work if an event is edited in Outlook for Mac
    • Numbered Lists Formatted Improperly in Webmail
    • Sharing Calendar through EWS on MAC (read-only) allows the read-only user to send emails on behalf of the first user
    • The app password does not work for the DAV protocols
    • ALTREP is not as per RFC 5545 in events that have multipart/attachment when created using KOFF
    • The Trash folder isn't sharing properly
    • ICS Events with Non-Standard UIDs are not Syncing down to clients via CalDav
    • Email list jumps to the beginning when a new e-mail is received in Webmail
    • KOFF lost connection to RPC-server in some cases
    • Outlook shows no  "Send on Behalf" Dropdown When Sending Emails
    • Unable to search contacts using "Company" field in Outlook
    • KoffRtfWrapper.exe performing some registry operations

Version 1.2

Released: May 30, 2023

New features:
  • Export to CSV for visualization charts has been added
UI improvements:
  • Error message is added if no user is selected after importing CSV for KerioConnect
  • Filter control and filter dialog in Alerts destinations optimized
  • Edit Alert window header changed
  • A modal edit window in Alerts destinations was added
  • “Deny” indicator was replaced for Traffic Rules and Content Filter settings for KerioControl
  • Hyperlinks in the Intrusion Prevention menu for KerioControl were added
  • KerioControl license expiration date is displayed on the appliance Dashboard
  • Delete confirmation dialogs no longer cause crashing of table state
  • Selection of multiple countries at once is available for KerioControl Security Settings and GeoIP Filter
  • Active connections settings have been improved for KerioControl
  • Values in the past are not allowed for Time Ranges Definitions for KerioControl
  • Error messages for offline appliances added for KerioControl
  • Automatic chart refresh added for KerioControl
  • KerioControl Traffic Charts page was improved
  • KerioControl Definitions settings in Services Menu were improved
  • Sending email notifications when registering users via the Register button has been restored.
  • The error when deleting appliance backups has been fixed
  • The drop-down menu for Item Clean Out in the Edit User settings has been added for KerioConnect
  • When deleting all records on the first page of the window, the next set of records after deletion is displayed
  • The status of the KerioConnect appliance turns green immediately after a successful registration
  • Added Edit Ipv6 button for KerioControl Configuration settings
  • Fixed password setup error on Guest Interfaces for KerioControl
  • “Remove from AppManager” button disappearing after removal fixed for KerioControl appliance
  • KerioControl appliance reconnects to AppManager after losing internet connection
  • KerioControl Security Settings, Connection Limits tab, and IP Address Groups pages save changes to items fixed
  • Fixed consistency of authentication status
  • Regular NullPointerException warnings are fixed
  • Fixes for 500 error - sns_subscribe
  • Tailscale process is terminated after uninstallation
  • Session caching improvements were made
  • Fixed product column sorting on the account overview page
  • Removed duplicate conditions when creating Alerts
  • All Backups are available for KerioConnect
  • Added Configuration Assistant in KerioControl Dashboard
  • The recently created Definitions/Groups are displayed without browser refresh in KerioControl
  • The interim error message for diagrams has been fixed

Version 1.1

Released: May 5, 2023

General improvements:
  • Enhanced UI performance for smoother navigation.
  • Added option to remove users from accounts.
  • Capability to install multiple appliances on the same machine.
  • Implemented delete confirmation prompts.
  • Introduced time ranges for Shared Definitions.
  • Enabled multiple record deletion in Shared Definitions.
  • Pagination fixes.
GFI KerioControl:
  • Added options to add/remove appliances within organizations.
  • Included Health menu and Update status features.
  • Fixed Active Hosts chart display.
  • Additional options in the Interfaces configuration menu:
    • Configure Wi-Fi interface.
    • Define additional IP address.
    • Add/remove VLAN.
    • Assign management port for Hardware boxes.
    • Edit VPN server properties.
GFI KerioConnect:
  • Added MacOS agent compatibility.
  • Implemented sidebar input validation.
  • Introduced option to modify/remove destinations.
  • Fixed mailing lists issues, including archive tab settings and moderator not set dialogue.
  • Added field validations .
  • Accurately Storage quota for users displayed correctly.
  • Corrected public folder alias functionality
  • Introduced destination checkbox feature.
  • Alerts automatically stopped when an appliance is deactivated.
  • Added pre-canned alerts.
  • Included option to enable/disable specific alerts.
  • Fixed notifications filtering.