• Prevent data leakage to portable devices
    Assess the risk and mitigate it by controlling, auditing and securing access to removable devices at endpoint level.

Protect your network from threats posed by portable devices

GFI EndPointSecurity reduces risk of data leaks and other malicious activity
  • Prevent the risk of data leakage
    Prevent the risk of data leakage

    Bring your own device (BYOD) and portable storage device use in the workplace significantly increase the likelihood of your business facing data leakage issues. GFI EndPointSecurity features risk assessment capabilities that identify assets possibly doubling as sources of data leaks. All functionality is built into a dashboard that provides relevant information, suggestions for boosting protection, and shortcuts to common security tasks.

  • Assess and control information that travels across endpoints
    Assess and control information that travels across endpoints

    The data awareness module provides another layer of endpoint protection by scanning each relevant file and searching for the most common types of information susceptible to a security breach (e.g. SSNs, PANs, etc.). The module supports inputs in the form of regular expressions and dictionary files. It also contributes to your data loss prevention (DLP) and compliance efforts.

  • Easily control access to portable storage devices
    Easily control access to portable storage devices

    From a single location, easily grant temporary network or workstation access to portable storage devices for a set period of time as well as block devices by class, file extension, physical port or device ID.


GFI EndPointSecurity received the OPSWAT Bronze certification, an industry-leading certification that confirms the quality and robustness of its implementation.

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More benefits

  • File control

    Use enhanced file control capabilities to scan archived files and block files based on size.
  • Detailed reports

    Log detailed statistics about all activity and send automatic daily or weekly digest reports.
  • Automatic protection

    Automatically protect newly detected computers by deploying an agent and a default blocking policy.
  • Centralized monitoring

    View all computers on your network from a single location and identify the connected storage devices.