Find cyber and maritime in the same sentence obscure? Think again.

The big four of shipping — MSC, Maersk, CMA-CGM, and Cosco — represent over 60% of global containerized trade. In the last five years, they have lost hundreds of millions of US dollars to cyber attacks.

With the increasing risk of cyber crimes, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) shared guidelines to encourage maritime cyber safety and security management practices.


What are you doing to prevent cyber attacks on your vessels?

Any attack in the maritime industry sends ripples globally, impacting imports and exports, port operations, warehouses, distributors, businesses, and end users.

What can you do to ensure your business stays afloat? How do global conflicts affect investment in maritime cyber security?

Instead of waiting for a cyber attack to impact your systems, it’s wiser to take preventive steps. The right time — now.

Safeguard your ship and luxury yacht’s network, systems, and data with GFI software’s maritime solutions


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How do you manage bandwidth to ensure that critical activities always stay on? Do you use multi-layered security for your systems and struggle to figure out how they work?

Forget the hassle and sign up for GFI KerioControl. An all-in-one next-generation firewall and UTM, with advanced bandwidth management, GFI KerioControl is easy to deploy and administer.

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Are your mission-critical activities performing as required? How do you ensure that important tasks get priority in terms of time, users, and network?

Wouldn’t one simple dashboard make it easier and faster to coordinate activities? GFI has just the product. GFI Exinda NetworkOrchestrator allows you to monitor activities in real time.

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When you don’t leave a gaping hole in your vessel, why would you leave one in your security systems? Make sure your systems have no missing security patches (and thus no vulnerabilities) with GFI LanGuard.

Its thorough scanning and patching tools leave no stone unturned, ensuring your systems are continuously updated and hardened against potential cyber threats.


Charting Your Course to IACS Compliance

IACS, a global authority in maritime standards, plays a pivotal role in driving maritime safety and environmental protection. Its stringent new cyber resilience requirements, E26 & E27, mandate a significant upgrade in shipboard cybersecurity practices. GFI simplifies your path to compliance with advanced solutions, expert support, and a deep understanding of the maritime industry's unique requirements. Discover how we can chart your course toward a secure and resilient maritime future.

What customers say about GFI Software’s maritime solutions

Infinigate UK, a value-added distributor, trusts GFI’s maritime stack to combat security threats in the maritime industry. According to Infinigate, less essential services can lead to wastage as vessels get limited bandwidth. You can use GFI KeriControl to manage bandwidth to ensure that mission-critical activities are always on.

Yacht Computing’s Ed Lasher says, “GFI KerioControl gives my clientele security knowing their network is safe, internet access is optimized, and someone on land can oversee all administration. Yachts are cruising around the world, and GFI KerioControl is enabling passengers to stay connected in a way never before possible.”

Videoworks asks yacht owners to rethink their VLAN connections. With one point for internet entry and exit, it’s a jackpot for hackers. Videoworks’ suggestion — use GFI KerioControl. Its all-in-one threat and connection management protect yachts from cybercrime.